Kashmir an international matter, not India's internal affair: Pak
July 12, 2016  12:50
Pakistan Foreign Office spokesperson Nafees Zakaria has said that the Kashmir dispute has international ramifications and rejected India's assertion that it is an internal matter where Islamabad has no role to play and should have no role to play.

"The dispute of Kashmir has international recognition. It is not an internal matter of India. Such an assertion is a violation of UN Security Council's Resolutions," The Express Tribune quoted Zakira, as saying.

He said the current situation on the Indian side of Kashmir is a manifestation of what Kashmiris wanted, their right to self-determination. Reportedly, Pakistan has decided to be aggressive diplomatically on the Kashmir issue.

A senior Foreign Office official said Islamabad has directed all diplomatic missions, particularly those in key world capitals, to brief the host governments about the current situation in Kashmir.
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