Imran Khan weds for the third time?
July 12, 2016  16:49
Cricketer-turned politician and Chairman of opposition Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has married for the third time in a simple ceremony in London, according to media reports today.

The news of the marriage surfaced after 63-year-old Khan in a recent interview said that he might consider marrying for the third time after his two marriages ended in divorces.

Duynia TV reported that Khan has "completed hat-trick of marriages", a cricketing jargon used when a bowler takes three wickets on consecutive deliveries.

It said Khan married a woman belonging to Maneka family in a simple ceremony few days back in London. Geo TV reported that Khan decided to get marry at the suggestion of female spiritualist called 'Pinki' of influential Maneka family from Punjab province.

Other TV channels reported that Khan was seen with his wife in London where he had gone to spent vacation with his two sons. There was no definite report about his third (would be) wife.

Though, Geo identified her with single name Mariam. However, Khan's Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) party rejected the news as rumor and said he will be back soon to take up political challenges. "This is not true. We are seeing the news channels and laughing," said Naeem ul Haq, Central Information Secretary of the party.

Khan last year married for the second time when he entered in wedlock with former BBC weather girl Reham Khan, but the marriage failed to prosper and the two separated before the end of the year. His first marriage was with Jemima Goldsmith (later Jemima Khan) of UK in 1995 but they separated in 2004

Image: Imran Khan with his second wife Reham Khan
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