China has NO 'historical title' over South China Sea, rules Hague tribunal
July 12, 2016  14:49
An international Hague tribunal has finally given its ruling over a centuries-old maritime dispute between the Philippines and China. The courts findings could call into question Beijings wider claims to the South China Sea and spark a potentially destabilising reaction from China.

The tribunal has ruled that China has no historical title to the South China sea. China has reacted saying the tribunal's ruling is ill-founded.

Control of the South China Sea is the most contentious and explosive diplomatic issue in east Asia, with China asserting sovereignty over maritime areas that span 3.5m square kilometres but are also claimed by Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, Brunei, the Philippines and Japan. Washington has become deeply involved, backing those against China and conducting military patrols.

Although the case was raised by the Philippines, it will affect all these countries as it questions the legality of Chinas nine-dash line, a dotted marker in Chinese maps stretching hundreds of miles south and east from the mainland.

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