Rahul can't see with his 'Italian' glasses: Amit Shah
December 16, 2016  20:35
BJP President Amit Shah today targeted Rahul Gandhi, saying instead of embarking on roadshows against demonetisation, he should take out "yatras against unemployment, poverty and starvation". 

Addressing BJP's 'Parivartan Rally' here, he also hit out at other opposition parties, including SP, BSP and Trinamool Congress, for "ganging up" against demonetisation and disrupting parliamentary proceedings leading to a virtual washout of the winter session.

"Rahul Baba is undertaking padyatras daily. It will be better if Rahul takes out yatras against unemployment, poverty and starvation," Shah said while targeting the Congress leader who has been aggressively campaigning against demonetisation. 

"He (Rahul) asks what change has come after BJP came to power... He will not be able to see as he has 'Italian chashma' (Italian glasses) on his eyes," Shah said, in an apparent reference to Italian roots of Rahul's mother Sonia Gandhi.

The BJP chief likened the unity among opposition parties on the issue of demonetisation to all animals in a jungle climbing the same tree to save their lives from raging floods. 
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