So, was Jayalalithaa a feminist?
December 15, 2016  11:14
The women of Tamil Nadu who wailed and beat their breasts last week when their icon and heroine died would be surprised if you went up to them and described Jayalalithaa as a feminist. They would not know what you meant. The State that had Jayalalithaa as Chief Minister for over 14 years is, contrarily enough, a deeply misogynistic and conservative place. Many years of having a woman leader has done little to dent this reality.

Equally, to describe Jayalalithaa as a feminist would be wrong. She was too clever to allow any ideology, however important, to become more important than her own persona. Because, ultimately, it was her person -- her beauty, glamour, power, charisma and intelligence '" that propelled her to power and kept her there. She was not driven by ideology, principles or any grand vision for the future.

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