Have I committed any crime by attacking corruption, asks PM Modi
December 03, 2016  15:42
Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses BJ P volunteers at the Parivartan Rally in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. Here are the highlights:

-- I had come to Moradabad in 2009, could not come in 2014.

-- If poverty is eliminated from a large state, the overall number poor will reduce.

-- The faster we do it, the faster our country will get rid of poverty.

-- If there's development, then there will be employment, there will be education for kids, the medicines for the old will cost less.

-- Vikas will change the lives of mothers and sisters.

-- I don't have a high command, no ministers above me, I only report to you, the people.

-- If you want development, it can be done. But if you only think of your progress, then the country can never prosper. Many such governments have come. The BJP government is not one of them.

-- I ask you, tell me honestly, with all your strength, hasn't corruption troubled you, hasn't it destroyed the country. So you tell me, should corruption stay or go? Will it go itself?

-- If someone works to weed out corruption, is he a criminal?

-- But I am surprised that some people in our country are accusing me? Is it my fault that I am working for the poor?

-- I am fighting this war for you. What can they, the corrupt, do to me? What will they do at best? We are fakirs, we will carry our bags and walk away.
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