Despite Mamata's 'legal action' threat, Army refuses to withdraw troops
December 03, 2016  00:15
With West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee threatening to adopt legal course against the Centre for deploying armed forces without informing the state administration, the Indian Army on Friday stood afirm and said that it would not call off its troops and the routine drill exercise will resume till midnight of December 2.

Responding to a poser whether the West Bengal government, if required, is ready to take legal action against central government to which Mamata said, "Action has already been initiated."

Later, Wing Commender S S Birdi, Chief Public Relations Office of the eastern command told ANI that the army won't be called off until the exercise concludes.

"Army will not be called off and routine exercise will continue till midnight," Birdi said.

Upon being asked whether the deployment details about the army would be disclosed, Birdi said, "We can't disclose the army deployment details as of now but army will not be called off."

Birdi's comment came in response after Trinamool Congress spokesperson Derek O'Brien asserted that no such document existed, and added that he would hang his head in shame if the government could prove him otherwise.
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