Modi@Red Fort: We have to rise above social evils
August 15, 2016  08:55
More highlights:

* Great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Ambedkar ji have always stressed on the need for social unity.

* Yes there are problems, but we have to rise above and fight such anti-social elements. Only then we'll be able to progress in real sense.

* My sisters and brothers, we have to fight against social evils. We have to rise above social evils. All citizens have to do this, else India can't progress. A strong society can only be built on social justice.

* Only financial growth is not important, social unity is also important; 125 cr people of India are part of one family.

* We have worked to achieve "One nation, one grid and one price".

* 99.5% of past dues of sugarcane farmers have been cleared; 95% of sugarcane sold this season has been paid for to farmers
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