Modi@Red Fort: Want to change lives of common people
August 15, 2016  08:07
More highlights:

* There was a time when the central government was surrounded by allegations but now the government is surrounded by expectations. We have connected 70 crore Indians to Aadhaar and social security schemes. 

* I want to change the lives of common people, I am committed to it.

* In last 60 years,14 crore were given gas connections,while my Govt provided gas connections to over 4 crore people in just 60 weeks.

* We have found 9,000 lower ranks in which there will not be any interviews, there will not be any need of references and middlemen. These appointments are being done on merit. Today the citizen is not happy with just the announcement of projects, the unveiling of plans. She / He wants to see the actual work being done on the ground

* The work of village roads started under Atal Behari Vajpayee ji, we have taken that forward. Earlier, we used to make 70-75 km of roads in a day. Today we make over 100 kms in a day.

* We take renewable and clean energy very seriously. Before our government, we used to lay 30,000-35,000 km in transmission lines in a year. Today our government lays 50,000 km in transmission lines per year.
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