Modi@Red Fort: Nation's image more important than govt's image
August 15, 2016  08:46
* Amidst global economic slow-down, Indian economy is growing.

* For us, image of the nation is more important than the image of the government.

* We all know about coal scam. However, we auctioned coal online, without any corruption charges levelled against us due to transparency.

* We have connected Aadhar card to government schemes to curb corruption.

* Financial independence of Women and her participation is important to fight poverty.

* GST will give strength to the economy and all parties are to be thanked for it being passed. GST will give strength to our economy & all parties are to be thanked for its passage.

* GST is one such tax reform which will help us bring in financial stability

* We have worked to achieve "One nation, one grid and one price"
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