Modi@Red Fort: My mantra is 'Reform, Perform and Transform'
August 15, 2016  08:33
More highlights:

* I have tried to adopt the strategy of 'Reform, Perform and Transform'; tried to avoid populism.

* Food godowns with 15 lakh ton capacity built; emphasis on food processing: Aim is to help double farmers' income by 2022.

* 90 shut irrigation schemes will be revived; 77,000 solar pumps distributed to bring down input cost of farmers.

* If farmers in my country get adequate water, they can turn 'soil' into 'gold'

* That's why my government has given importance to save water. We have given impetus to 'per drop, more crop' initiative

* I will continue to strive hard to ensure that the this inflation doesn't affect the food plate of poor.

* We have been blessed with monsoon, this year. Sowing has therefore increased, this will help us meet demand shortfall.

* We are giving importance to Integrated development against Isolated development, empowerment against entitlement.

* When new government is elected, many-a-times, good initiatives taken by the previous government are forgotten. But we did not let this happen, we have taken forward the good initiatives taken by the previous government.

* Out government is giving importance to 'last man delivery' by taking decisions decisively as our policies and intentions are clear.

* We are trying to revive 'post-offices' in the country which is becoming irrelevant increasingly due to advent of technology.
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