Modi @ Red Fort: Let's convert this 'Swaraj' into 'Surajya'
August 15, 2016  07:46
Highlights of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speech

* Today on the 70th Independence Day, I convey my greetings to 125 crore Indians & the Indian community living overseas.

* The onus is on 125 cr people of India to convert this 'Swaraj' into 'Surajya'. From Parliament to panchayats, gram pradhans to the prime minister, everyone has to fulfill their responsibility. Only then will the dream of surajya come true.

* India's age is not 70 years, but the journey post colonial rule for a better India is 70 year old.

* India faces a lot of challenges,today but I believe that 125 cr people of India have the ability to face and overcome these challenges.
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