Japan marks 71st anniversary of Hiroshima atomic bombing
August 06, 2016  09:24
Japan today marked 71 years since the city of Hiroshima was destroyed by a US atomic bomb, as its mayor urged the world to unite in abolishing nuclear weapons. 

The annual ceremony came just months after Barack Obama became the first sitting US president to visit the city, paying moving tribute to victims of the first atomic bomb. 

American B-29 bomber Enola Gay dropped its deadly payload, dubbed "Little Boy", on the western Japanese city at 8:15 am local time on August 6, 1945.

Much of the city was incinerated by a wall of heat up to 4,000 C (7,232 F) -- hot enough to melt steel -- killing tens of thousands.
Hiroshima mayor Kazumi Matsui recalled the visit by Obama in his peace declaration during the solemn ceremony. 

"(His visit) was the proof that Hiroshima's strong wish not to tolerate the 'absolute evil' was shared by President Obama," he said.
"It is the time for us to make actions towards the abolition of the 'absolute evil', the ultimate form of inhumanity, united and with passion."
The bombing claimed the lives of 140,000 people. Some died immediately while others succumbed to injuries or radiation-related illnesses weeks, months and years later.
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