'Guilty conscience on Kerala temple tragedy'
April 12, 2016  13:42
Columnist Mohan Guruswamy posted this on social media: 'The district administration in Kollam denied permission to have a fireworks display at the Puttingal temple. 

'The local temple committee was RSS dominated and deliberately disobeyed the district administration. 

'The DC and Kollam police chief were both Muslims and the RSS tried to browbeat them by giving the denial a sectarian twist. 

'The RSS would have then turned it into a political handle on the eve of the State elections. 

'The Congress state government buckled under the pressure. The PM knows about this and his hurried visit was meant more to deflect attention from the RSS. 

'And a guilty conscience too.   

'The unasked questions are: How come banned Chinese firecrackers were allowed to be imported? Arun Jaitely and Nirmala Sitaraman must answer. 

'How come Oomen Chandy and Ramesh Chennitala didn't back up the district administration against the RSS dominated temple committee? 

'No wonder the RSS and Congress are steering clear of attacking each other.'
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