Get ready for TV channels from our Union ministries
April 12, 2016  18:36
Soon after a Union Cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi suggested that his ministers start YouTube channels. 

Arun Jaitley, Nitin Gadkari and M Venkaiah Naidu were quick of the block, and have already launched  their ministries on YouTube, while others are doing a trial run. 

That is not all. There is a proposal before the Cabinet Secretariat to direct the Union ministry of information and  broadcasting to issue TV licences to almost all ministries, on the pattern of Lok  Sabha and Rajya Sabha TV channels.   

The finance and shipping ministries will soon launch a TV channel that will beam their policies and programmes and the speeches  of their respective ministers. Instead of press releases, the ministers or officials will  call up their dedicated TV news channel to give their bytes and joint secretaries will be  authorised to participate in TV debates and discussions. 

The Government of India may even provide a special satellite to exclusively beam these TV Channels. 
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