'Was threatened,': Family that complained against temple fireworks
April 10, 2016  14:34
The woman on whose complaint fireworks were banned at the Puttingal temple in Kerala's Kollam lives barely 25 metres from the spot where a massive fire broke out early on Sunday, killing over 100 and leaving 350 injured.

Pankajakshi, who comes from the UK twice a year to stay at her Kollam home with her daughter, said she had complained many times about the danger of the fireworks and had even been threatened.

"My house is 25 metres from the place where the fireworks are stored. I complained against the fireworks display to the temple authorities," said Pankajakshi.

"They said they will look into it but did nothing. I complained to the civic body and its officials visited but I don't know what action was taken," she added.

The fire erupted during what officials describe as "competitive fireworks" between two groups during the temple festivities at the town 60 km from Thiruvananthapuram.

Pankajakshi's daughter said the family was "abused and threatened by goondas" even a day ago.

"We were threatened a day before. They threatened my mother and husband and said do what you want," she said.
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