India trying to muzzle free speech: Gang-rape filmmaker
March 05, 2015  20:15
Unfazed by the controversy, the British filmmaker behind the BBC documentary on the Delhi gang-rape incident today accused the Indian government of trying to "muzzle free speech" by banning its telecast in India.

Leslee Udwin's 'Storyville: India's Daughter' was due to be aired in the UK on Sunday to coincide with International Women's Day but the telecast was brought forward in the wake of attempts by the Indian government to block its release worldwide.

It has led to threats of legal action from the home ministry but Udwin remains defiant. She has called on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to "deal with the unceremonious silencing of the film".

"This is the greatest fight of our times and I wanted to applaud the reaction of the Indian people to the crime with this film. But that has been turned around by this ban, which is an attempt to muzzle free speech," Udwin said.
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