Sonia, Rahul at ITC Maurya to meet Obama
January 26, 2015  15:23
Congress president Sonia Gandhi, Vice president Rahul Gandhi and other senior party leaders arrive at the ITC Maurya to meet President Obama.

A meeting with Congress party leaders was not initially on US President Obama's agenda, made public so far. But it has been customary for US leaders, including the President, to meet leaders of the opposition parties during their India trip.

The White House, however, did not release the names of the Congress leaders who would be meeting Obama. The meeting is scheduled for 3pm and is closed for the press. 

Pic: This picture was taken at the President Pranab Mukherjee's banquet last night. The camaraderie that this picture seems to suggest, is a rarity. When PM Modi entered Parliament for the first time after he became PM, the two acknowledged each other with a cold namaste. The Obamas' presence seems to have mellowed the two leaders, for a bit, at least.
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