US Brewery agrees to rename Gandhi-Bot beer
January 24, 2015  21:07
A US brewery that drew flak over its use of Mahatma Gandhi's name and images on beer cans today agreed to drop them from its bottles, terming it as the "right move" in the wake of complaints by the Indian-American community. 

The Connecticut-based brewery - New England Brewing Company - said it would rename and rebrand the 'Gandhi-Bot' beer. 

The renaming process could take as long as three months, it said and assured customers that the recipe for the beer will not change. 

The company had been using a robotic image of Gandhi, who favoured prohibition, to sell its beer. 

The controversial beer had been distributed for about five years, and was promoted on the brewery's website as "fully vegetarian" and "an ideal aid for self-purification and the seeking of truth and love".
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