Indian-origin doctor in US grows new ears for 8-year-old boy
August 23, 2015  16:52
An Indian-origin doctor in the US has successfully grown outer ears from rib cartilage in an eight-year-old boy after a series of 'miraculous' surgeries. 

Elijah Bell, a second-grade student at Frazer Elementary in Canton, Ohio, was born with bilateral atresia microtia, a rare birth defect where the outer ears are undeveloped, and, in Elijah's case, had no openings to the middle and inner ear. 

On July 28, Elijah completed a final round of surgeries at Akron Children's Hospital to craft a set of outer ears. Dr Ananth Murthy, director of plastic surgery at the hospital, made ears from Elijah's rib cartilage. "We consider it to be a miracle in our family," said Colleen Bell, Elijah's mom.
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