MS Aiyar: Achche din kahan? Achche raat bhi nahin, bijli nahi hai
June 18, 2014  11:43
The ever-acerbic Mani Shankar Aiyar says: "Acche din kahan? Acchi raat bhi nahi aayin, koi so nahin pa raha, bijli nahi hai. Yeh zero tolerance hai? Jhoot bolte hain, inhe (BJP) kauva khana padega (they will have to eat crow)."  Delhi has been crippled by power cuts with five to six hour outages every day.

Aiyar is yet to eat his share of crow after his now infamous comment on Narendra Modi at the AICC session in January: "There is no way he can be Prime Minister in the 21st century... but if he wants to come and distribute tea here we can make some room for him."
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