LIVE! MEA: 40 Indian workers in Iraq HAVE been abducted
June 18, 2014  16:20
MEA spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin briefing on the Iraq crisis. He says there are around 100 Indians in areas where communication is tenuous, the areas are believed to be sensitive.

Akbaruddin says the MEA has received 60 phone calls from families of people who are in the region. Airports in Bagdad are open. Areas which are facing uncertainty are not where the majority of Indians are. India will not shut down its embassy in Iraq. He said India has contingency plans for evacuating Indians and every single Indian who wants to be evacuated will be helped.

He also confirmed that 40 Indian workers in Mosul have in fact been kidnapped.  

The MEA has conctacted Red Cresecent who has contacted the Indians stuck in Tirkit and Mosul. Of the 46 nurses in Iraq, several want to stay back.
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