Kenya's president: Massacres aren't Al Shabab but political opponents
June 18, 2014  01:52
President Uhuru Kenyatta today told surprised Kenyans that the grisly murders of 60 people in recent days '" some while watching the World Cup '" were not carried out by the terror group Al Shabab, but by local "networks" organized by his political opponents. 

Al Shabab claimed credit for a massacre on Sunday of 49 people in the coastal town of Mpeketoni, and for killing at least 10 people on Monday in a small town nearby. 

Those incidents, in an area hit recently by Al Shabab, bore the hallmarks of the Somalia-based, self-described Islamist group, with masked attackers shouting "Alahu Akbar' and executing civilians who failed to recite Koranic verses.
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