Guvs' removal start of saffronisation, dangerous trend: SP
June 17, 2014  15:58
The Samajwadi Party today slammed the reported move by BJP government to replace some of the Governors appointed during the UPA rule, saying it was start of "saffronisation" of the country which was "dangerous" for democracy.

"The Centre was trying saffronise the country by appointing RSS and BJP men as Governors in states. This is dangerous for democracy," SP National General Secretary Naresh Agarwal said.

The country is not the property of any party. All the parties have right to put forth their views, he said, and alleged that it was a conspiracy against non-BJP governments in states.

"The way in which resignations are sought from Governors, pressurising them, is not only start of saffronisation of the country but is also part of a conspiracy against governments of other parties in the states," he said.
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