Cricketers halt match to catch thief, game reduced to 30 overs
June 17, 2014  17:04
Now that is a stunning catch! A cricket match in Britain was brought to a halt after both teams abandoned the pitch to chase down and catch a thief who stole a dozen iPhones from the pavilion.

The suspect sneaked into the changing rooms to steal 12 iPhones from the jacket pockets of players during a 50-over match at Church and Oswaldtwistle Cricket Club in Accrington, Lancashire.

The suspect was first spotted by the Church team's wicket keeper. He alerted an off-duty police officer who was waiting for his turn to bat, and he rounded up his teammates to give chase, The Times reported. The players pursued the suspect across fields and into a wood.

Joined by members of the home team, they used GPS technology on another phone to continue the pursuit. Police dog handlers were called in and, helped by the cricketers, they arrested a man and recovered the phones.
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