Cabinet to take up scrapping of EGoMs and GoMs tomorrow
June 17, 2014  20:38
The Union Cabinet will consider tomorrow the scrapping of 30 EGoMs and GoMs set up by the previous UPA government with an intent of giving a formal approval to a decision taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi last month.

Dismantling the legacy of UPA rule, Modi had on May 31 abolished all the 30 Empowered Group of Ministers and Group of Ministers and told ministries and departments concerned to take decisions on pending matters. The winding up of the ministrial panels is part of the agenda of the Union Cabinet tomorrow, sources said.

Announcing the decision to scrap nine EGoMs and 21 GoMs, the PMO had said this would expedite the process of decision-making and "usher in greater accountability in the system.

"The ministries and departments will now process the issues pending before EGoMs and GoMs and take appropriate decisions at the level of ministries and departments itself, said the statement.
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