LIVE! TN club says dhotis cause wardrobe malfunction
July 15, 2014  16:38
The Tamil Nadu Cricket Association Club in Chennai, which has been pilloried for refusing entry to a Madras High Court Judge in a dhoti, will re-examine its dress code. The club management board said that the rule had been in place because wardrobe malfunction was common with members wearing a dhoti when they got drunk.

The denial of entry to Madras High Court Judge, Justice D Hariparanthaman into the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association Club for wearing dhoti, has triggered a controversy with several parties like DMK and the Congress condemning it.

When he alighted from his official car at the club premises to participate in a book release function, organised by T S Arunachalam, a former Chief Justice of the High Court, some staff of the club told him that he could not enter wearing dhoti as they had instructions from the office-bearers not to allow anyone in the premises who violated the club's dress code.
only allows members or guests dressed in full trousers, shirts or T shirts with collars and leather shoes to access the club. And so it told the dhoti-clad Justice Hariparanthaman, who had come there to attend a book release function on July 11, as it turned him away.

"After over 60 years of Independence, I can't accept this. They can have rules for their members, not for visitors who come on invitation," said the Judge crossly. Political leaders backed him.
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