Ukrainian President is missing
February 23, 2014  14:18
The whereabouts of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych were unclear today, a day after he left the capital and his arch foe Yulia Tymoshenko was freed from prison and returned to Kiev to address a massive, adoring crowd.

Ukrainian news agencies, citing the deputy head of the State Border Service, reported that a chartered airplane with Yanukovych onboard was denied permission to take off from Donetsk, a city in eastern Ukraine that is the president's base of support. 

The centre of Kiev, meanwhile, was calm as the sun came up today after a day that saw a stunning reversal of fortune in Ukraine's political crisis. 

Protesters yesterday took control of the presidential administration building, and thousands of curious and contemptuous Ukrainians roamed the suddenly open grounds of the lavish compound outside Kiev where Yanukovych was believed to live.

Parliament, which he controlled the previous day but is now emboldened against him, called for his removal and for elections on May 25. But Yanukovych said he now regards the parliament as illegitimate and he won't respect its decisions. 
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