Kejriwal can win Guinness Record for lies: Cong
February 23, 2014  15:30
Delhi Congress on Sunday kick started an 'expose-all' campaign against former chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, whom it accused of abandoning the national capital at the mercy of bureaucrats to further his own political ambitions. 

If Guinness World Book of Records had a category for lies, Arvind Kejriwal would win without any competition, Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee President Arvinder Singh Lovely said while launching a 'Pol Khol Abhiyan' against the ex-Delhi CM. 

"Arvind Kejriwal has abandoned people at the mercy of Gods and bureaucrats. He is a runaway and we are launching a 'Pol Khol Abhiyan' against him to expose the lies he had been telling in the name of common man's welfare," Lovely added. 

Lovely termed the Kejriwal-led 49-day AAP government as a "government of promises and no performances" and its sudden departure as an "act of betrayal" to the people. 
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