We will not compromise on investigation: NSW police chief
December 16, 2014  00:30
NSW police commissioner, Andrew Scipione, says police made the decision to enter the Lindt cafe because shots were fired inside.

He is asked if hostages were killed by gunfire from the hostage taker, or from police:

"Again, as a result of an exchange of gunfire inside those premises, police moved in. At this stage as Ive indicated we have a number of people that are injured and certainly were working through that as part of the critical incident."

NSW premier Mike Baird is asked if he is concerned by reports the gunman was out of jail on bail:

"Well, Im concerned that there was a vicious, horrendous attack that has taken place in the heart of our city, and there are many questions that will come in the coming hours, days and weeks. What I can assure you is I will answer every single one of them. We will get to the bottom of events and we will do everything possible to ensure we do not see happen again in this city what we saw in the last 24 hours. We will not compromise on investigation."

Scipione is asked if the hostages were treated well and responds that police believe they were uninjured until they heard gunfire and thats when they entered the cafe.
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