Man Haron Monis, the classic lone wolf
December 16, 2014  02:35
Until his entry into the global media spotlight as the shadowy figure at the centre of the Sydney siege, Man Haron Monis had long been viewed as a fringe figure in Sydneys Islamic community, his self-radicalisation rooted in grievances against the Australian government and increasing marginalisation among his peers.

The self-proclaimed spiritual healer had achieved a degree of notoriety as the author of "grossly offensive" letters sent to taunt parents and relatives of Australians killed by extremism in Indonesia as well as troops who lost their lives in Afghanistan between 2007 and 2009.

Well known to the Australian police, he had been consumed by his conviction for the offence, unsuccessfully challenging the conviction in the high court last year and making several vehement and erratic public statements claiming to be innocent.

Monis lost another bid to have the matter heard before the high court on Friday.

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