Jackie Chan named to top Chinese political advisory body
February 01, 2013  12:30
Jackie Chan's latest film, CZ12, in which he set out to reclaim 12 ancient Chinese zodiac statues stolen by the West, reportedly broke China's box office records.

With the Hong Kong-based actor reportedly named as a delegate to the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the country's top political advisory body, his next film should do better in the mainland. 

Reporting on the appointment, the South China Morning Post says while Chan's appointment is yet to be officially confirmed, it quotes CPPCC standing committee member Chan Wing-kee as confirming that his name was on the list.   
The SCMP quotes political observer Dr Chung Kim-wah of Polytechnic University describing the appointment as "another political vase." Chung tells the newspaper: "I don't expect there's anything revolutionary Chan can or will do for Hong Kong in the CPPCC, which is largely a talk shop. But for him, it is very good as he can more strongly secure the Chinese market."

Cultural critic Perry Lam Pui-li echoes similar sentiment to the SCMP. The 58-year-old actor "knows that his future, and Hong Kong's future, is in China."
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