Jessica Lal killer gets 5-day parole for brother's wedding
November 16, 2011  11:07

Manu Sharma, the killer of model Jessica Lal, has been granted conditional parole to attend his brother's wedding. The conditions of the five-day parole are:

  • He has to pay a personal bond of Rs 50,000,
  • He cannot go to a discotheque'
  • And cannot leave Karnal and Ambala

Though the Delhi police had filed an affidavit opposing the parole, the standing counsel for the police, Pawan Sharma, told the Delhi high court during Monday's hearing that if the court deems it fit, Sharma may be permitted to participate in the wedding, provided he gives an undertaking that he won't leave Karnal and Ambala, where two ceremonies of the function are slated to be held.

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