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Lokpal panel seeks one more week to submit report

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And a host of stories on the fortieth anniversary of India's historic war with Pakistan that lasted just 13 days, marking the nation's greatest military triumph.We salute the heroes of the 1971 War in this special section. Read

Here's something you can read on your way home. Hip-Hop Tehran-Style.



Jemima Khan on Twitter:

Keep hearing I'm meant to have given Imran s. For clarity's sake, I never gave him a penny nor did he ask/ want me to. In other words - he ended with all the disadvantages of marrying someone with money (smears, innuendo, envy) with none of the advantages. Imran took no money from me. Neither will he be taking money from Pakistan, unlike those that started these rumours.

No, I didn't give him a London flat either. He owned a flat in London when we met, which he bought with his cricket earnings.


Aamna Taseer: 100 days since my son Shahbaz Taseer was kidnapped!!!

Shahbaz's father is slain governor of the Punjab province in Pakistan, Salman Taseer.

18:02   Lokpal panel seeks one more week to submit report
Just in: The Lokpal panel has sought one more week to sumbit its report to Parliament. It was submit the report on December 7.
18:00   China reacts cautiously to Oz move to sell uranium to India

A day after Australia's ruling Labor reversed it policy of not selling uranium to India, China today gave a guarded response to the move, saying all countries are entitled to peaceful use of nuclear energy. "China always believes countries are entitled to peaceful use of nuclear energy and at the same time they should fulfil the international obligations of nuclear non-proliferation," Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hong Lei told a media briefing.

17:33   Karzai's plea at Bonn: Support crucial after troops go

The United States and other nations vowed Monday to keep supporting Afghanistan's fragile economy after most foreign forces leave the country, as an international conference got underway in Bonn despite the crippling absence of key regional player Pakistan.

The latest from the conference at Bonn on the Dawn. Read


Also read on Karzai's plea at Afghanistan summit in Bonn


Pakistani novelist Mohammed Hanif on his five favourite Indian novels. On the Do they make it to your list? Read
17:23   Custody of six IM operatives extended by 10 days
The six suspected Indian Mujahideen operatives, arrested for their alleged roles in various terror attacks across India, were today remanded in police
custody for 10 days by a Delhi court.
17:20   Gold, currency & common person
Advocates of gold are not lunatics, hacks, eccentrics or crackpots, writes ex-RBI Dy Governor. Read
Paul Pilar, on why comparing Mahmood Ahmadinejad with Adolf Hitler is a stupid thing. Read the National Interest.
17:12   Hottest, sexiest women of 2011
One hundred and forty-three. That's the number in GQ's Sexiest Women of 2011. Get your eye on the candy.
17:04   Cairn-Vedanta deal gets Home Ministry approval
The Home Ministry has given its approval to London-listed miner Vedanta Resources' buying majority stake in Cairn India for USD 8.7 billion. The Home Ministry, while giving the security no-objection certificate, highlighted eight areas of concern, including 64 legal proceedings against Vedanta and its subsidiaries in various courts, sources privy to the development said.
Also on FDI: Who's afraid of Walmart? On the Wall Street Journal. Read
16:57   The F-word in all its glory

Everything you wanted to know about Foreign Direct Investment, but didn't quite know what to Google. Read the paper by  Anusha Chari and A Madhav Raghavan. Chari is from the University of North Carolina, while Raghavan is from the Indian Statistical Institute. All the guff...

16:52   JDey murder: Jigna Vora's custody extended till Dec 9

JDey murder case update: Police custody of journalist Jigna Vora and Chhota Rajan aide Paulson Joseph has been extended to December 9.

Vora and Joseph, who were arrested in connection with the murder of Mid Day journalist J Dey, were sent to police custody till December 5. Their custody has now been extended.

Last week, the court had rejected a police request to conduct a narco test on Vora, who was arrested last month for conspiring to kill Dey.

16:46   Sanjay Manjrekar on the curious case of Bhajji's injury
Would his condition have come to light if he had been picked for the Australia tour? And why does the BCCI manage player injuries so poorly? Read the report on

India emerges as chief opponent of a new global-warming treaty.

The Independent, UK, says the country baulks at UN climate conference, concerned about cooling its red-hot economy. Read

16:38   India backs Afghan-led, Afghan-owned peace process: Krishna

As global talks kick-off in Bonn to chart the future course for Afghanistan, India today said it would "fully" support an Afghan-led and owned peace process.

External Affairs Minister S M Krishna arrived in Bonn for the conference attended by Foreign Ministers of 64 nations and senior officials from nearly 50 other countries except Pakistan.

"We totally support the people of Afghanistan in their path of peace and condemn the act of terrorism on innocent people," Krishna said on arrival here.

The second Bonn conference is also aimed at ensuring international financial and technical support continues after the NATO troops withdraw in 2014.

16:36   Pranab reiterates he will reveal next steps on FDI issue
Meanwhile, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, Monday reiterated that he would reveal the next steps on the foreign direct investment issue only on the floor the Lok Sabha when Parliament resumes its winter session on December 7.

News reports said that Mukherjee has spoken with Leader of Opposition Sushma Swaraj to seek the oppositions cooperation to end the logjam in parliament and allow the Houses to transact business. Mukherjee also met senior BJP leader L.K. Advani and Left leader Sitaram Yechury.

The opposition has demanded a clarification from the government or a formal statement on the floor of the House on this issue. Its second demand is that there should be a complete rollback of the FDI in retail and not just putting it on hold for the moment.

16:33   Sushma demands all-party meet over FDI in retail

FDI update: Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj today demanded that the UPA government convene an all-party meeting over the issue of FDI in retail before making any statement on it in the Parliament.

"Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee called me this morning on phone over smooth running of Lok Sabha and the stalemate due to FDI in retail issue," she said.    

"Mukherjee told me that the government is interested in making a statement on the issue in the Lok Sabha," she said, adding, "I told him to convene an all party meeting first where the government should make its stand clear on the FDI

It should not only be the BJP but all political parties should know and draw a consensus on the issue if required, Swaraj said. She said the BJP's adjournment motion over the issue be allowed for discussion in the Lok Sabha.

16:28   US to vacate Shamsi airbase in Pak by Dec 11
The US today said it will vacate the Shamsi airbase in Balochistan, believed to be used by CIA-operated drones, by December 11 deadline set by Pakistan
following the NATO strike that killed 24 of its soldiers. American Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter said that the US was doing its best to comply with Islamabad's demand to leave the airbase.

Shobhaa De tweets: Congratulations Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao!Proud parents to baby boy.Watch out Bollywood heroes, here's competition! Khan Jr. genetically blessed.


Read the story on Aamir, Kiran blessed with baby boy

16:20   Relief for Assange: Can fight extradition to Sweden in UK SC

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has won the right to have his case against extradition to Sweden heard by the UK Supreme Court. He lost a High Court battle last month to halt his removal for questioning over alleged sex offences and made the application to the UK's highest court. Judges ruled his case raised a question "of general public importance".

Assange denies raping a woman and sexually molesting another in Stockholm in August 2010, says this BBC report.

16:15   Assange can fight extradition to Sweden in UK SC
Just in: The UK High Court has said that Julian Assange can appeal to the Supreme Court against extradition to Sweden.
16:13   The 13-day war that defined India's military triumph

Forty years ago, in a historic war that lasted just 13 days, India defeated Pakistan, marking the nation's greatest military triumph. salutes the heroes of the 1971 War in this special section. Read

16:09   Govt nod for Hinglish: Computer replaces Sanganak!

In a bid to overcome problems posed by difficult Hindi words, Government has asked section officers to use their 'Hinglish' replacements for easy understanding and better promotion of the language. 

The order issued by the Rajbhasha unit of Ministry of Home Affairs was recently re-circulated in various offices after it was officially mentioned that such puritan use of Hindi generates disinterest among masses. 

The circular recommended that difficult Hindi words can be replaced with English alternatives in Devanagari script for official work. 

Citing examples, Department of Official Language at Home Ministry said 'misil' can be replaced with file, 'pratyabhuti' with guarantee, 'kunjipatal' with keyboard and 'sanganak' with omnipresent 'computer'. It also advocated use of popular Hindi words and English alternatives to make the language more attractive and popular in offices and masses.

16:06   US envoy urges allies to expand sanctions on Iran
A senior US official today urged South Korea and other allies to expand sanctions on imports from Iran for its suspected nuclear weapons programme, calling the Islamic country 'a pariah state'. Robert Einhorn, the US State Department's special adviser for non-proliferation and arms control, said the allies should show a "clear and unified message".
16:01   Greenpeace activists storm French nuclear plant

Activists from environmental group Greenpeace managed to sneak into a French nuclear power plant today in what they said was a bid to highlight the dangers of atomic energy. 

In a statement, Greenpeace said some members had entered the nuclear site at Nogent-sur-Seine, 95 kilometres southeast of Paris, to "spread the message that there is no such thing as safe nuclear power."

16:00   No voice test for accused in Bhanwari Devi murder case

The Rajasthan High Court today stayed the permission of a lower court to conduct a voice-test on Sohan Lal Bishnoi to verify the authenticity of some audio clips related to missing nurse Bhanwari Devi. 

The clips have voices of Sohan Lal and Shahbuddin, both currenly under judicial custody, among others and the CBI wanted to verify its authenticity.


In Brtain, according to The Sunday Times: Postmen have been warned that they could face bribery charges if they accept traditional Christmas tips from customers. Bosses at Royal Mail have told staff to decline gifts worth more than 30 during the festive season in case they fall foul of the Bribery Act.

In other words, no baksheesh.

15:29   Still can't talk to my father about the past: Angelina Jolie
She was estranged from him for nearly a decade following years of bitter fighting. Now Angelina Jolie has revealed that the only way she can have a relationship with her father is if they do not talk about their past. Read the story on the Daily Mail.
15:27   Final moments: Chinese women about to be executed
A young woman sits cross-legged on the ground laughing playfully as she is fed a lychee. Another plays cards in pair of baggy pink pyjamas. The moving images could show any group of young women as they go about their daily lives in prison. Read it on the Daily Mail
Ramesh Srivats: Waiting for Pritam to do his version of Kolaveri. Which will sound exactly like the original one.
15:19   Team Anna sheds aversion for politicians? Invites them to fast

Team Anna today invited leaders of all parties to Jantar Mantar on December 11, when Anna Hazare plans to sit on a day-long fast, to put their views on Lokpal Bill, a deviation from its stand on previous occasions when it did not allow politicians to share its platform.

"December 11th, Jantar Mantar debate with no adjournments on Lokpal. Come, listen, ask questions and clarify doubts. Political representatives are invited to speak," activist Kiran Bedi tweeted.

A Team Anna spokesperson said formal invites are being sent to parties.

15:14   Supercars in 'world's most expensive crash' were speeding

Here's an update: Police say speeding was identified as a possible cause of what is believed to be one of the world's most expensive ever road accidents when up to 2.6 million-worth of supercars ended up in a crumpled heap on a motorway in Japan.

Watch the video on the Telegraph, UK.

15:08   Karen Malhotra (who?) causes stir in India keeping clothes on

Porn star and Bigg Boss contestant, (not necessarily in that order) Sunny Leone, finds mention in the Guardian.  Karen's her real name. Read

15:04   Barclays to axe 1000 jobs in India

Barclays is set to axe over 1,000 jobs in India -- nearly 10 per cent of its workforce -- as part of a sweeping review of its operations in Asia's third-largest economy, The Times, London, has learnt.

The move by Barclays, which employs 11,000 people in India -- its biggest workforce outside the UK, represents a new setback for UK hopes for improved trade ties with India.

Barclays began a strategic review of its Indian business earlier this year over concerns that it was failing to attract sufficient volumes of business, particularly in the nation's highly competitive retail banking market that is dominated by local players such as HDFC and ICICI.

14:59   More psychological tests for man who slapped Pawar
Harvinder Singh, who had slapped Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar, was today ordered by a Delhi court to stay at the Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences till December 12 for additional tests to ascertain his mental health.
14:57   World's 'costliest' crash in Japan

Super cars ranging from Ferrari to Lamborghini ended up in a crumbled heap, in Japan's worst-ever traffic pile up in which SUVs worth up to USD 4 million turned to trash. Involved in the crash over 400 metres east-bound side of the Chucks Expressway were eight Ferraris, a Lamborghini, two Mercedes and host of Toyota Prius, the world's most fuel efficient car, Japan's NTV reported.

See the picture on the Huffington Post.

14:54   How should corruption of Group C officials be checked?

Anna Hazare's team deconstructs how corruption in Group C employees should be checked. It says there is an intense public debate on whether all government employees should be brought within the purview of the Lokpal. In this, three models are being discussed the governments model, the NCPRIs model and IAC (Anna's) model.

It may be recollected that the government did an U-turn on inclusion of Group C employees, first saying the would be under the Lokpal purview, and then saying they would not.

Full report, shortly on

14:44   Vaiko: Kerala creating panic, fear psychosis over dam

MDMK chief Vaiko today complained to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh that the Kerala government was creating "panic and fear psychosis" among the people on the Mullaperiyar Dam issue while contending that the 116-year-old structure was safe. 

As the confrontation between the neighbouring states escalated over the safety of the dam, political leaders and lawmakers have been demanding Singh's intervention in the issue for the past few days. Vaiko, who met the Prime Minister at his residence, told Singh that the Centre should take "urgent measures" to prevent the proposed construction of a new dam by Kerala Government.

He alleged that political parties in Kerala at the behest of the government were indulging in "atrocious, nefarious and illegal threatening activities" that pose a "serious threat" to the dam's safety.

14:41   Assange seeks extradition hearing in UK SC
WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange returns to court today in an effort to take his appeal against extradition to Sweden over sex assault allegations to the United Kingdom's Supreme Court. He is expected to argue that his case raises a question of general public importance, and therefore should be considered by some of the most senior judges in the country, the Guardian reports.
14:36   New portrait of Jane Austen reveals her true feisty character
Her many fans have always had difficulty with the known portraits of Jane Austen. Read
14:33   'Brazil captain Socrates was the king of cool'
Socrates made the ball dance. The Brazilian was football's king of cool in the Eighties, the epitome of lean, straight-backed elegance. Read the story on the Telegraph, UK. Socrates died on Sunday.
14:27   New portrait of Austen reveals her true feisty character
Her many fans have always had difficulty with the known portraits of Jane Austen. Read the story on the Telegraph, UK.
14:23   Kerala, TN meet on Mullaperiyar, report in February

The Supreme Court-appointed committee on Mullaperiyar Dam dispute met today during which lawyers representing Tamil Nadu and Kerala made
representations on their stands and asked the panel to hear them before submitting its report. 

The committee headed by former Chief Justice of India A S Anand is expected to submit its report on the controversial issue by February, 2012. 

At today's meeting, Kerala submitted a memorandum before the committee stating that frequent tremors in Idduki district, where the 116-year-old structure is located, was causing damage to the dam and that the state should be heard before the report is finalised.

14:11   Hermes saris?
Luxury accessory maker Hermes is branching out to offer luxury saris in India. Here's all that you wanted to know about Hermes. Read
14:09   Siddhartha Mukherjee: Positive attitude does not cure cancer
How, exactly, do you go about writing a prize-winning book about cancer? Siddhartha Mukherjee, who has just won the Guardian First Book award for The Emperor of All Maladies, explain. Read
14:06   Are pro-life groups behind Apple Siri's abortion problem?
Apple's virtual assistant Siri was accused of being pro-life after a blogger discovered it wouldn't direct her to abortion services. Read the report on the Daily Beast.  
14:03   Brit woman soldier shoots dead Taliban
Chantelle Taylor yesterday became the first British female soldier to reveal she has killed an enemy in combat. She told of the moment she was ambushed by a Taliban fighter in Afghanistan -- and chose to shoot him dead rather than be killed herself. Read the story on the
13:59   NHRC defers hearing on Mullaperiyar dam till March

The National Human Rights Commission today deferred till March hearing on the Mullaperiyar Dam issue, saying it will wait till the Supreme Court-appointed empowered committee submits its report. 

The decision was taken at a meeting of the full commission of the NHRC on the dam issue, a senior NHRC official said."The Commission has decided to wait till the empowered committee submits its report on February 29," the official said.

Read: Centre will be blamed if Mullaperiyar dam collapses: Kerala

13:40   Akali Dal sarpanch slaps woman teacher

Shah Rukh Khan: Just saw a male Sarpanch slap and rough up a woman teacher on tv...disgusting & should be punished for sure... 


Here's what happened:

In a shocking incident, a Shiromani Akali Dal Sarpanch Balwinder Singh of Gidderbaha in Punjab slapped and manhandled a woman teacher during the public visit program of Harsimrat Kaur Badal who is Member of Parliament and wife of Punjab Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal. Read the report on CNN IBN.

13:36   Hrithik to direct Krrish sequel
A sequel to Bollywood hit film Krrish, will not only see Hrithik Roshan playing the role on screen, but also as the associate director of the movie. The actor had started off his career in Bollywood by assisting his father Rakesh Roshan with films like Koyla and Karan Arjun. And it would be after a gap of 14 years that he assists his father on the next Filmkraft venture.
Vidya Balan redefines the Hindi film heroine this week with The Dirty Picture, in which she plays the frankly sexual, cheerfully sleazy 1980s starlet Silk. Read Anupama Chopra's inverview with the Vidya Balan on NYT blogs.  
13:18   Cong whip to MPs to attend Parliament

You read it first here, and now details are in.

The Congress has issued a three-line whip to its members in the Lok Sabha asking them to be present during proceedings on December 7 and 8. Parliament sources said this has been done not for any particular issue but keeping in view the possibility of some "important business". 

The development has come at a time when Parliament has remained paralysed for the last nine days on several issues including over FDI in retail. The opposition has been demanding a rollback of the FDI decision and has been pressing for an adjournment motion on the issue so a censure the government. 

The two Houses will now meet on Wednesday. The current session is slated to conclude on December 22. 

13:07   Govt blinks first: FDI holdback till consensus

Finance minister Pranab Mukherjee tells opposition leaders that FDI in retail is being put on hold. Pranab tells BJP senior leader and leader of the opposition in the LS, Sushma Swaraj, that FDI will be on hold till there is a consensus on the issue.

In turn, the BJP has promised not to disrupt Pranab Mukherjee's statement in Parliament on Wednesday. The party has also asked for FDI to be discussed at an all-party meet.  

Sushma Swaraj however says that the BJP wants a rollback, not a holdback till the consensus is reached.  

12:59   The Queen's income frozen until 2015

The Queen is facing a freeze to her income until 2015 as part of austerity measures imposed in a shake up of the royal finances, it has emerged.

Breaks your heart, but read the story on

12:45   Aamir, Kiran blessed with baby boy

Actor Aamir Khan and his wife Kiran Rao have been blessed with a baby boy.

The baby was born through IVF to a surrogate mother on December 1 at a private clinic in Mumbai, says a Hindustan Times report.

"Due to medical complications, we were advised to go for IVF-Surrogacy. We are absolutely delighted. This baby  is very dear to us as we've got him after a lot of difficulty. We are so happy and would like to thank all our well wishers." said Aamir Khan.

12:40   Bill Gates in talks with China firm to develop clean N-tech

In other news:

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is holding talks with the state-owned China National Nuclear Corporation to jointly develop a new type of nuclear reactor. Gates has been talking with CNNC since 2009 about developing a travelling-wave reactor, reports the South China Morning Post. Gates has visited CNNC at least twice. TWR, a virtual design by TerraPower that has yet to be built or tested, is a new type of reactor that could reduce the need for the enrichment and reprocessing of uranium.


12:36   Sports ministry writes to IOA on Dow sponsorship at Olympics

And another important development:

The Sports Ministry today has asked the Indian Olympic Association to immediately raise the Dow Chemicals' Olympics sponsorship issue with the International Olympics Committee, says a Zee News report.

In a letter addressed to the IOA, the ministry said, "Strong public sentiment exists in this matter and a number of ex-Olympians have raised the issue."

Dow Chemicals, which is one of the sponsors of the London 2012 Olympics, had bought Union Carbide -- the company responsible for the Bhopal gas tragedy. The victims of the tragedy are demanding that India pull out of the Games if Dow continues to be the sponsor of the event.

And on that Barkha Dutt tweets: So sources say Pranab offers the FDI "holdback" to BJP leader @SushmaSwaraj this morning. Logjam in parliament likely to be broken.
12:31   Cabinet meet 6 pm, Wed, may take final decision on FDI
Just in: The Union Cabinet is to meet on Wednesday, 6 pm, to discuss issues relating to urban development and external affairs. Sources also say that the cabinet will take a final decision on FDI in retail then, but it is not on the agenda.
12:26   India plans to train 30,000 Afghan soldiers

India plans to fly 20,000 to 30,000 Afghan troops to training bases in India over the next three years and is expanding its presence in Afghanistan as US troops leave.

The US is reportedly eager for more countries to take on part of the US$12 billion training bill for the Afghan security forces, and is also running out of time, having set 2014 as the deadline for transferring combat duties to local troops.

Read it on The National


Reverse trend: America's recent grads, now sought after in India.

On the New York Times, India blogs. Read


And on the other side of the spectrum:  

Kiran Bedi tweets: Are rigidity & firmness not 2 sides of d same coin? Does It not depend on which side one looks at. Is Anna being rigid or firm? Anna knows.

12:13   'Kolaveri' Dhanush, Amitabh meet
Amitabh Bachchan tweets: Dhanush! Of  'why this Kolaveri di' fame and star in his own right, visits the house to meet up. Simplicity in his demeanor!
On the Pakistani paper, Friday Times: Under what circumstances do NATO forces enter Pakistan? Read
12:08   Why Pakistan hasn't read Dale Carnegie
On Pakistan shows how to lose friends and alienate people. Read
12:07   US official says no sign Iran shot down drone
Iranian media reported on Sunday that their country's military had shot down a US reconnaissance drone in eastern Iran, but a US official said there was no indication the aircraft had been shot down. Read more on Reuters.
12:01   US plays down Pak absence from Bonn

However, the US has already played down the boycott by Pakistan. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who arrived in Bonn for the international talks today aimed at charting a course for Afghanistan after Nato combat troops withdraw, will meet with President Hamid Karzai and other Afghan officials at a conference in Bonn.

The conference is also aimed at ensuring international financial and technical support continues after the troops withdraw in 2014, says AFP.

11:56   Pak may attend Bonn meet after Obama-Zardari phone call

Even as that BBC report announced Pak would boycott the Bonn conference, a report on the Pakistani paper Dawn, says diplomatic circles in Washington are expecting a low level participation from Pakistan in the conference on Afghanistan.

Sources claimed that Pakistan might attend the talks on a diplomatic level. The breakthrough was made possible after US President Barack Obama held a telephonic conversation with President Asif Ali Zardari.

11:54   Key meet on Afghanistan begins in Bonn without Pak

A major international conference on Afghanistan's future is due to open in the German city of Bonn today.

It comes 10 years after a similar gathering held in the city, weeks after the Taliban fell from power.

Organisers want to bolster long-term international engagement with Afghanistan and support efforts to restore security. But key player Pakistan is boycotting the talks in protest at a Nato attack on a border checkpoint last month.

Read more on the bbc.

11:51   Indonesia closes airport after volcano erupts
In world news: Indonesia closed a domestic airport in eastern part of the country today after a volcano spewed ash 2,000 metres into the air, an official said.
Mount Gamalama, which forms the entire island of Ternate in North Maluku province, erupted late yesterday and forced an airport in Ternate town at its foot to close today, transport ministry spokesman Bambang Ervan said.
11:35   Not backing off from Lokpal Bill: Cong

Meanwhile, Union MoS for Parliamentary Affairs Rajiv Shukla has said that the government will not dilute the anti-corruption Lokpal Bill. "We are waiting for the Parliament's Standing Committee to draft the  Bill. It is a commitment of the government that the Prime Minister has also assured. As soon as the bill comes to us, it would be referred to the concerned department," Shukla said today.
"The department might amend the Bill as per its needs. After that it would be discussed in Cabinet before being introduced in Parliament. We are committed to bring it to Parliament. We are not backing away," he added.

11:29   Cong whip to MPs: Attendance in Parl must on Wed, Thu

More on Beant Singh in a bit, but first this.

Our sources tell us that all Congress MPs have been issued a three-line whip to be present in Parliament on Wednesday and Thursday. As we said earlier, there is no session of Parliament today or tomorrow. Pranab Mukherjee will chair a Congress Parliamentary Party meet at 9.30 am on Wednesday.


11:18   CBI moves SC seeking death for Beant Singh's killer

The CBI has approached the Supreme Court seeking death sentence for former Punjab CM Beant Singh's killer Jagtar Singh Hawara.

It may be recollected that the Punjab and Haryana high court in October last year, had commuted the death sentence of Hawara, the mastermind in the Beant Singh assassination case, to life imprisonment, while it upheld the trial court's penalty to the four other accused in the case.

A division bench of the court comprising Justice Mehtab Singh Gill and Justice Arvind Kumar termed the case of Hawara, who was awarded the capital punishment by the trial court in 2007, as a 'boundary line for death' and converted his sentence to life.

"It was found that Hawara was not found near Chandigarh on July 30 and 31 in 1995, his case is boundary line for death. He is sentenced to life and will not be released till death," Justice Gill said while pronouncing the order.

11:14   BJP blames UPA for nil business in Parliament
Senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley has said that differences within the United Progressive Alliance are responsible for nil business being transacted in the Parliament.
"The main reason behind the logjam in the functioning of the Parliament is due to the divide within the UPA and the Congress party. The truth is getting revealed slowly and difference of opinions between them that is stalling the Parliament," Jaitley said.
Jaitley further reiterated his party's stand on allowing foreign direct investment  in retail, terming the move as wrong.
11:10   Maoists blow up railway track in Dhanbad
In Jharkhand, Maoists blew up a railway track in Dhanbad rail division, disrupting train services in the state as the two-day nationwide bandh called by the banned CPI (Maoist) entered the second day today.
The Maoists exploded IEDs on the tracks between Nishitpur and Matari railway stations late last night. No casaulties reported.
11:08   JDey murder accused Jigna Vora to appear in court today

In courts today:

Custody of journalist Jigna Vora ends today. She has been accused of conspiracy in the murder of senior crime reporter J Dey. She will appear before the court today. 


In New Delhi, Parliament will now convene on Wednesday, which means our MPs have a four-day weekend. And that, after ensuring both houses were adjourned every day ever since Parliament convened for the winter session on December 21.



India woke up on Sunday morning with Dev Anand's death. In some he touched everyone's life -- his films, his music, his zest for life, his spirit. In the office in Mumbai, a colleague's ringtone -- Main zindagi ka saath nibhatha chala gaya -- isn't just a nice tune; it's become a poignant reminder of his death. RIP.

10:54   Pakistan not attending Afghan meet regrettable: UN

UN chief Ban Ki-moon has termed as "regrettable" Pakistan's decision to boycott the Bonn conference on Afghanistan and said that its participation
was required as the country has a role to play in its war-torn neighbour's peace and stability. 

Ban is in the German city for the international conference, where he also met Afghan President Hamid Karzai. Addressing the media, Ban said Pakistan not attending the crucial meet is "their sovereign decision."

10:50   Headlines this morning

Show spine while dealing with China: Omar Abdullah (The Times of India)

Expressing concern over China's involvement in J&K, chief minister Omar Abdullah has said India should show "some spine" while dealing with that country. Read


Global crisis, graft made Prime Minister to push for retail FDI (The Times of India)

Allowing foreign investment in multi-brand retail has been tossed about in government for the last three years or so without anyone getting too serious about it. Read


Dev Anands last rites may be performed in London (The Times of India)
While an aide of Dev Anand said the last rites will be performed in London, India may ask the high commission in London to bring Anand's body back to Mumbai. Read


Pak demands equal treatment from Australia on uranium sale (The Hindu)

Pakistans High Commissioner to Australia, Abdul Malik Abdullah, said if Australia is willing to export uranium to India then it should sell it to Pakistan as well. Read


WikiLeaks chief Assange in final plea to avoid extradition (The Hindustan Times)
WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange will today play his final card in a lengthy legal battle to avoid extradition to Sweden over rape claims when he appeals to Britain's top court to overturn the order. Read


Andhra Pradesh govt faces no-confidence motion today (The Hindustan Times)
The no-confidence motion moved against the Congress government by the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly will be put to vote today. Read