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What if... Gadkari did what Lalu wanted?

Last updated on: May 14, 2010 19:19 IST
The issue is not whether BJP chief Nitin Gadkari meant to insult Lalu Yadav and Mulayam Yadav with his remark about their proximity to Congress president Sonia Gandhi.

The issue is not even whether the Yadavs were over-reacting to a common enough idiom.

The real issue that has been obscured in the furious sound bytes over Gadkari's 'insult' is whether our politicians have forgotten the art of good-natured jousting. Why are they reacting as if they are at the wrong end of Australian style sledging, when they could have simply given back some of what they got -- a surprising lapse when you realise that the Yadav duo are masters of the earthy idiom!

Since Lalu Yadav has said he will expect nothing less than Gadkari apologising in the old-fashioned Indian way -- by holding his ears -- and since the latter seems to be in no hurry to oblige, we thought we will pour some much-needed oil on troubled waters.

So here's a created image of Nitin Gadkari obliging Lalu Yadav. Now will everyone concerned move on?

Imaging: Ashish Narsale