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Stunning images from the Wild

June 29, 2009 18:35 IST

Image: A tigress battles bees

Wildlife photography, which requires a lot of patience, can be a tedious affair. But for Dr Ajit Huilgol, a reputed kidney transplant surgeon from Bangalore, it is a passion and a hobby. Over the past few years, he has traveled across the globe to pursue his interest, and captutred many breathtaking moments of the wild in his photographs.

"All of us are born with a love for wildlife. Hand over a chocolate to any kid and I am sure he will love it more if it is in the shape of an animal," he points out.

"For me, the passion towards wildlife never died. We learnt a lot about it during school but it was a trip to Bandipur that revived my interest in wildlife," he recalls.

Dr Huilgol received his first digital camera in 2006. He takes time off his busy schedule once a year to venture out into the wild. He has clicked over 500 photographs in a very short span of time. He shares some of his favourite photographs with

Text: Vicky Nanjappa

The Eurasian griffon in flight

Image: The Eurasian griffon

When they take off, these vultures look so clumsy, but once they are airborne, they are unparalleled.

What a sighting!

Image: Spot-bellied Eagle owl

Oh! What a sighting! The time was 6.25 pm, quite dark as you can imagine, and we were returning after our trip into the jungle, when we spotted this from the main road. I have seen this bird only once before, in BR Hills, but this was the first time I could capture it on film.

A beautiful scare!

Image: Elephants at the reservoir
You might be wondering what the title means! Well, the scene was beautiful, with a large herd of elephants going to the reservoir to drink water, and a lovely sunset behind them. Suddenly, the peace and tranquility was shattered by the loud and menacing trumpeting of the matriarch who wanted us out of the park. It was scary while it lasted.

A relaxing swim

Image: Gharial at Ramganga

There were six gharials in the Ramganga river at 'Crocodile Point'. This is a male, distinguished by the lump at the end of his snout.

Family Argument

Image: The arguing birds

God knows what they were unhappy about, but they sure were having a flaming argument!

'Discipline is the thing'

Image: The elephants try to discipline the unruly calf

This calf insisted on coming closer to us. Its mother (or aunt?), after several failed attempts to hold the calf back, delivered this well-aimed kick to instill discipline.

Come no further!

Image: The male wolf in a warning mode

There is a mud road cutting through Baasur Kaval, and the pair of wolves with cubs crossed over to the other side. This part of the park is comparatively heavily wooded and is inaccessible to vehicles. So, we got down and tracked the wolves on foot. The female and cubs moved away, but this male stood his ground and barked out a loud and clear warning not to come closer. He meant it!

Flight of beauty

Image: A peacock in flight

A number of peafowl gather on the rocks and frequently fly from one rock to another.

I see double!

Image: The cock-eyed owl

Woken up rudely by visitors near Kisli Gate, Kanha, this owl seems to be seeing double, with its cock-eyed look.

Mother of all landings

Image: Cormorants at a lake

All nine of these great cormorants touched down at almost the same time.

Leap of faith

Image: The squirrel jumps

I managed to capture this squirrel during its jump.

Claws and jaws

Image: A tigress at Ranthambhore National Park

We sat with her for two whole hours. This is quite rare in Ranthambhore. And we were only 20 metres away from her!


Image: A peacock flies over a feeding sloth bear
The bear seems to bow down to the flying peacock. 

The collared princess of Ranthambhore

Image: A tiger cub at Ranthambhore

Despite the collar, this cub of a tigress sets out on a hunt.

Bear greetings!

Image: Two sloth bear cubs
Two sloth bear cubs greet each other by licking each other's faces in the shade offered by a boulder.

Bite fight

Image: Wolf cubs at play

These two cubs found a rope lying on the ground and started a tug-of-war. One of the cubs won the first round by bending the rules a bit -- by biting the other's face.

Ouch! That hurts

Image: A lioness with her cubs

The cubs (about 5 months old) were a little too big to be suckling, and when their sharp teeth hurt her, she growled and grimaced, and got up. Unfortunately, I heard that one of the two male lions, in whose territory this female with cubs resides, killed one of these cuddly cubs. Gruesome? But that's the natural world!

The Black buck capers

Image: Black buck capers

This is dry grass plains area, similar to Velavadhar in Gujarat or Masai Mara in Kenya and supports a large number of black buck.