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Why Lalgarh is burning

June 19, 2009 21:33 IST
Image: Tribals vandalise and set to fire CPIM cadres' property and furniture
Video: Dipak Chakraborty
It's been four days since pro-Naxal tribals took control of Lalgarh in West Midnapur district of West Bengal after forcing security forces to leave the area. Even as security forces clear inch by inch of the besieged Lalgarh, tribals continue to eradicate traces of Communist presence in the region. tracks the tribals' actions.

What tribals are complaining about

Image: A pro-Maoist tribal speaks
"All these years, CPI-M cadres and leaders have amassed huge wealth by exploiting us. Now it's our turn to retaliate," said one of the tribals.

'They taught us violence. We are just reciprocating'

Image: Tribals on a burning spree
"It's our duty to flush CPI-M men out of Lalgarh," said one of the attackers, adding, "They taught us violence. We are just reciprocating."

'Let CPI-M men realise how it feels to be tortured'

Image: Lalgarh burns...
"Let the CPI-M men realise how it feels to be tortured," said one of the tribals setting fire to a local CPI-M leader's furniture at Lalgarh on June 17.

'Lalgarh is ours'

Image: Dismantling traces of Red
"Lalgarh is ours, the CPM-sponsored goons have no place here," say the tribals.

An axe against the sickle

Image: All that's needed is an exe
A tribal vandalises the house of a local CPI-M leader at Lalgarh on Wednesday, June 17.

The man, in his early 40s, later poses for the camera with the axe that he uses to destroy the building.

A call for another revolution

Image: Pro-Maoist tribals shout slogans against the CPI-M
After arson, tribals shout slogans against the CPI-M and urge their fellow tribals to carry on the movement at Lalgarh successfully.