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Lucknow prays for peace post Ayodhya verdict

By Sharat Pradhan
September 11, 2010 03:37 IST
The Eid Namaz at Lucknow's Idgah on Saturday will be followed by special  prayers for peace after the pronouncement of the much-awaited Ayodhya verdict.

"When lakhs of Muslims will assemble at the Eidgah on Saturday for the Eid namaz , they will also pray for peace and communal harmony across the country after the special high court bench declares its judgement in the long-pending Ayodhya case", Lucknow's Naib Imam and head of the city's oldest Islamic seminary, Firangi Mahal said on Friday.

A three-judge bench that concluded its hearing in the 125-year old litigation in July,  has decided to pronounce the judgement on September 24.

"Whatever be the verdict, we must all abide by it and under no circumstances should we allow the judgement to forge any rift between Hindus and Muslims," he emphasized.

The Maulana aim was to also alert common Muslims against designs of anti-social elements to arouse communal passions with a view to serving their objective of inciting clashes.

"We must pray for a stronger bonding between Hindus and Muslims, who have traditionally co-existed on this soil for centuries. I am sure our prayers will not go unanswered and members of both communities will not allow themselves to get carried away by canards spread by mischief mongers , who often use such opportunities to forge a communal divide," he added.

"Lucknow and the entire Avadh region was widely known for its composite culture, which we need to maintain at all costs," he pointed out.
Sharat Pradhan