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Are Naxals in touch with LeT?

By Vicky Nanjappa
May 28, 2010 15:04 IST
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The Naxals have stepped up the tempo and security agencies following the Dantewada attack had warned that there is more to come. Whatever intelligence that has been gathered on red terror would suggest that the forces are constantly increasing their capabilities, which include more men and sophisticated machinery.

Speaking about an expansion plan by Naxals, security agencies are trying to decipher the links they may have with anti-national groups such as the Lashkar-e-Tayiba or other Pakistan-based groups.

Chief Minister of Chattisgarh, too, had said that the security forces in his state suspect that groups such as the Lashkar could be behind providing support to the Naxals. Mahendra Kumawat, former chief of the Border Security Force, too, said that the Naxals are only focused on disrupting the concept of democracy and they would align with any force even it is anti-national to further their cause.

Indian Intelligence agencies told that it was the Pakistan-based groups which made the first move. The Naxals had decided to wage a battle on their own strength, but it was groups such as the Lashkar which lured Naxals into their fold.

The Naxals, too, realised that if they had to carry this war forward with the Indian security forces stepping up the heat, they needed better equipment and hence they gave in to the offer made from across the border.

Interrogation and investigations of some operatives of the Lashakr go on to suggest that the ISI-sponsored Lashkar had intentionally created a channel through their second head quarters in Nepal to deal with Naxals in India.

The ISI sensed this as a major problem within India and thought the best way to destablise the nation further was to support an internal aggression, like how they did with SIMI.

The Lashkar has instructed all its cadres based in Nepal to focus largely on this aspect. In fact, it was almost a year ago that the first attempt to channelise funds and weapons was made.

Umer Madani, a Lashkar operative, arrested recently even confirmed this to the security agencies. He had said that he was told to open talks with the Naxals and offer them support both financially and logistically. However, as talks were about to start, he was arrested.

The Indian agencies say that the efforts to open up links with the Naxals did not end with Madani. They continue to operate out of Nepal and are now in regular contact with these red forces.

Indian agencies say that the war of the Naxals could propel into another league if the menace is not controlled. They have been acquiring sophisticated weaponary and improvising on technology and this is a sign that they would like to take their battle forward by an additional step.

Even some of the literature that has been seized from Naxal areas shows that their weapons have been upgraded. Timer devices, RDX are not easily accessible locally and that why Indian agencies feel that they are procuring equipments from across the border.

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Vicky Nanjappa
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