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'26/11 investigation was a very lazy one'

May 03, 2010 18:02 IST
Get Rediff News in your Inbox: correspondent Vicky Nanjappa, who has been following and reporting on the case since the attacks, took up readers' queries about the Ajmal Kasab verdict. Here's the chat transcipt

indians asked, After the judgement does this not conclusive proof of pakistan hand and is this hand that the PM is shaking at Thimpu why should maintain normal relations or seek a committment to peace from untrustworthy pakistan Will the government take this tragedy beyond kasab and inti pakistan or will he be treated like a government guest like afzal??

Vicky Nanjappa answers, he will not be treated like a guest for sure, he will be hanged without doubt.

jk asked, Does Kasab want to go to PAK and lead normal life?

Vicky Nanjappa answers
, even if he does, who is sending him?

salaam asked, do u think this verdict will have ne impact on the politician or even on the general public especially that it has come after a long long time.....

Vicky Nanjappa answers, more than an impact it is a salute to all those persons who have lost their lives. The family of these persons would be happy that the killer of their loved one is brought to book at last

MCN asked, Wats up Vicky? Was there any evidence against the two acquitted accused other than Kasab's retracted confession that they gave him maps?

Vicky Nanjappa answers, the maps found on fahim and the interrogation of sabahudin is what the prosecution should have worked upon. however how i see it is that the police have very flimsy evidence against the two

naman asked, i am sorry vicky but i guess your take on the point that police could have done better job shows in your mind you have made them guilty irrespective of what court says

Vicky Nanjappa answers, i also said later that we have no option but to accept the verdict of the court. i am no one to decide whether they are guilty or not

Indian123 asked, What is meaning of giving him a defense lawyer. How can someone try to protect him

Vicky Nanjappa answers, it is strange, a prisoner who is not given a lawyer can ask for the trial to be shifed out of the place. if there too he is not given a lawyer, it becomes a ground for acquittal

salaam asked, can india wage a war with pakistan only in pakistan administered kashmir to destroy all the terrorist camps and get scott free in the international arena just like the us did after the iraq war??????

Vicky Nanjappa answers, india cant react like the US. so the war will be very difficult

Gir asked, For how long will the common man's Tax be spend on Kasab?

Vicky Nanjappa answers, we need to bear with him for another 8 months at least

alok asked, more than one year of trial for crystal clear and world witnessed case.. should we be proud of the fare trial of our system ar should we be ashamed of slow judgement (as delayed judgement itself is blot on our judicary system)

Vicky Nanjappa answers, ideally we should have been proud of a fair and speedy trial.

AVali asked, Is there a chance that the 2 acquitted men will be put infront of the law and punished

Vicky Nanjappa answers, it would all depend on how strong the appeal against them is

naman asked, dude i am still waiting for a answer on my question where you indian who have been acquited the evidence were strong against them but if you look at the veridct you would realise that court gave a fiar point that there was no blood stains on the maps where as he was hit by bullet in his leg and blood was coming out and logically blood stains should be also be on the maps....what do u say about it?

Vicky Nanjappa answers, a verdict is like a game; there is always two sides to it. if the court has found that the two are not guilty then we all have no option but to accept it. it is just that the police could have done a better job while handling their case

sanket asked, A little drift away from the topic. I have seen that Indians in general are famous for "returning to normalcy" attitude which is seen after every terrorist attack. The next day everyone is back to normal trying to forget what happened and getting busy with their routine. So blaming the govt alone for this delayed trial is not fair. A little more civil pressure would have been appreciated. All we do is sit in our office/home and complain about the trial but we, as common people, could have done something. Shouldnt we be a little more active ?

Vicky Nanjappa answers, u are right my friend, today we are all speaking of the verdict tomorow it will be something else. short memory of the public is what politicians and terrorists thrive on

Pritesh asked, Hi Vicky, are ther any reaction after this verdict in Pakis and those so called indians who support for pakistan? THIS IS THIRD TIME I AM ASKING THIS BUT DINT GET ANY REACTION :(

Vicky Nanjappa answers, Pakistan-based journalist hamid mir has said that pakistan must accept the verdict. however I dont expect anything spectacular from pakistan, they will continue to remain the same

sharmila asked, Do you see any likelihood of President stalling Kasab's sentence should there be any appeal from Kasab's end

Vicky Nanjappa answers, neither the indian government nor the president have the guts to stall a sentence in a case of this magnitude, if they do, it would mean the break down of the indian set up

LakshmiKanth asked, Can we appeal to the court to hang him in public or have a live coverage in TV?

Vicky Nanjappa answers, i am afraid not. indian law just does not allow public hanging

Vishwanath asked, Giving the death penalty is actually letting this guy out of his misery. Why can't we make his life really miserable by giving him Life without parole with hard labour. Let him work in the stone quarries

Vicky Nanjappa answers, it is too expensive and risky to keep a prisoner of this nature alive

Indian123 asked, In your opinion he should be given death sentence or a life imrisonment doing public service in jail .Of course dal, roti and subzi to be given to him and not meat. 

Vicky Nanjappa answers, death sentence only for him


Vicky Nanjappa answers, point noted

asif asked, by hanging KASAB terrorism will over and out from indian there ant surety that indian mujahideen will not execute any blast across india

Vicky Nanjappa answers, terrorism will not end with the hanging of kasab. terrorism will end with the breaking down of the isi sponspored infrastructure in pakistan

SACHUNK asked, Hi nanjappa, hengidira sir...? Could you pls tell me even if president says he should be hanged, then can any body appeal after that??

Vicky Nanjappa answers, namaskara sir channagi iddini. once the president gives the verdict then there shall be no appeal

HangKasab asked,  Hello Vicky, I m following your articles on terrorrism activities and govt.investigation on it.They ware great with in-depth knowledge and analysis.If anyone saying that u r biased...its really foolish...

Vicky Nanjappa answers, thanks man, appreciate it

Dishu asked, Hi Vicky I would like to know that even if death penalty is announced what are the chances that Apex Court will not chnage the punishment.

Vicky Nanjappa answers, there is no need to worry about that. the case against kasab is very strong, there is a lot of evidence and it is water tight. going up to the supreme court is just a mere formality

kaasav asked, whos this vicky??? how are u related to this kasab episode?? 

Vicky Nanjappa answers, just like any of u are related

Irshaad asked, no my friend that wont happen. there will be a riot ??? how can be riots ??? plz explain

Vicky Nanjappa answers, when i say riot dont think it is communal riot, can u imagine the number of people who would gather there to see his hanging, do u think our police will be able to control

anyaya asked, is it true that LET tried to kill ajmal kasab 3 times? 

Vicky Nanjappa answers, yes they did.

naman asked, what is the more possibllity you see at this time life imprisonment or death?

Vicky Nanjappa answers, death

kaasap asked, whos this vicky??? how are u related??

Vicky Nanjappa answers, related to whom?

salaam asked, if filed the cases against the two accused can they be tried in another court and if yes and proven guilty can they be awarded life death sentences

Vicky Nanjappa answers, no in this case, only the state can file an appeal. however if u are aggrieved or affected by their actions, u can always make urself a co applicant in the appeal

indianmujahideen asked, dear sir indian mujahideen is claiming that they are taking the revenge of gujrat riots n other oppression is it true?

Vicky Nanjappa answers, terrorists don't have any moral reasoning, they just use excuses to spread chaos and violence, incidents such as godhra are just used as brain washing tactics

sharmila asked, In case Kasab would be sentenced to death, then do you think any appeal from Pakistan can held back the decision

Vicky Nanjappa answers, no pakistan's appeals wont hold back any decision

salaam asked, does that mean that a lot of political nexus was involved to get them (2 accussed) released bcoz of their nationality,thats sad,??? 

Vicky Nanjappa answers, i dont think there was any political nexus, the police have failed in their case miserably


Vicky Nanjappa answers, and u think we dont do that. and about being disappointed each one is entitled to their opinion, and beleive me i am not being holier than thou

alok asked, why the decision were held in april now again today its not declared... how much we have to wait?? also for such case shouldnt it be more fast or judges were starving..

Vicky Nanjappa answers, u see as per the crpc, once the verdict is delivered, there has to be an argument regarding the sentence where both parties get to present their case. it will take another day or two


Vicky Nanjappa answers, yes of course, a petition can be moved before the supreme court of india

salaam asked, why the other two have been let off,???? 

Vicky Nanjappa answers, for want of evidence which the mumbai police were not able to provide and substantiate in the court

vcs asked, Will pakistan accept indian court judgment.

Vicky Nanjappa answers, pakistan has no option but to accept it. whether they accept it or not should make no difference to us

Pravin asked, Do u really think 635 witnesses were required to prove one person guilty? Was Ujjwal Nigam's legal prosecution a overkill?

Vicky Nanjappa answers, it was a waste of time. i dont understand why mr nikam went on and on. ten quality witnesses were enough especially when each one was narrating the same thing against kasab.

LakshmiKanth asked, It took over one year for the verdict to be pronounced. Don't we think for the kind of offence he has commited one year is too long period?

Vicky Nanjappa answers, one year was really too long.

imdbest asked, dear why u always connecting indian mujahideen with laskhar tayyaba every 1 know that indian mujahideen is purely indian n lashkar is pakistani y u connecting both

Vicky Nanjappa answers, becoz that is the indian wing of the lashkar

ash_20007 asked, Vicky Nanjappa please reply to my qustion How a Pakistani can be trial in Indian Soil? 

Vicky Nanjappa answers, the law states that any person of any origin shall be tried under indian laws when he commits a crime on indian soil

anyaya asked, Mr.Vicky what is ur opinion about actor rahul bose and other human right activists, who are fighting against the death sentence ? do you think they will rise their voice if they loose their kin and kiths in terrorist act?

Vicky Nanjappa answers, when human rights activists start interfering in real cases of terrorism, it is sad and pathetic

Harimenon asked, You claim in your article: "The Mumbai 26/11 verdict is historic in nature. It is the fastest ever trial that has been conducted in connection with a terrorist case in India... It has had a record number of witnesses (658), out of which 296 were examined in a record 271 days..." And then you say it was too delayed! 

Vicky Nanjappa answers, listen, when somoeone says historic, it does not mean good or bad. once again i am saying it was delayed, just becoz i said hisotic it does not mean i was appreciating the speed of the trial

alok asked, who is financing kasab's trial from his side and why?

Vicky Nanjappa answers, the government pays his lawyer. that is the rule in the book

asadad asked, I need to ask one thing and do not expect an diplomatic answer. The Q is that dont you think that we have already taken around 17 months for the trial to complete now and on the final day when everybody was expecting kasab to be hanged/capital punishment, we are told that it will take atleast 1 more year to make it happen. Dont you think its a mockery of Indian Judicial system and that of the whole country also where we take 2-3 years to close an open and shut case? Your opinion please ..

Vicky Nanjappa answers, Yes the court has been too slow in this case. there was too much time wasted by the prosecution after the chargesheet was filed which i thought was done pretty soon. examining 600 witnesses who said the same old thing was absolute mockery of justice. am i being diplomatic


Vicky Nanjappa answers, when i have answered ur questions once, do u need to post the same thing again and again

sudeep asked, Can we again run the trial over the two acquitted or encounter is the only option.

Vicky Nanjappa answers, appeal before the high court is the next option


Vicky Nanjappa answers, we report on the basis of information, not on imagination

ash_20007 asked, when he will be given the punishment by court? Is there any date finalized for that?

Vicky Nanjappa answers, the sessions court will have to hear the arguments once again regarding the sentence which will take another day

yoyo asked, Will there be any possibility of public hanging for kasab?

Vicky Nanjappa answers, no my friend that wont happen. there will be a riot

Aarya asked, What I heard is that a non indian(like Kasab) cannot plead mercy to President of India. Is it true? If it is true then President will automatically have no role to play in this case. Your comments please.

Vicky Nanjappa answers, no aarya. he is very much entitled for a mercy petition since day one he has been tried under the indian laws

imdbest asked, please give your comment on indian mujahideen latest video

Vicky Nanjappa answers, the message from them is clear that they are not dead. this outfit has this tactic of always mocking and warning that is what they are trying to do

tripurari asked, Dear Vicky, When he is likely to be hanged if awarded capital punishment?

Vicky Nanjappa answers, once the sessions court awards the sentence, then the high court will have to confirm it.if kasab does not appeal after that, then crpc mandates he be hanged in a month after the verdict is out

Samar asked, What is a fast track or setting up a special court for a case? Despite setting up a special court a case takes so long then how can we even call it the fastest verdict!

Vicky Nanjappa answers, if we are calling this one the fastest verdict then u can imagine the speed of the other cases?

irshad asked, what are options to try again those two got scot free?

Vicky Nanjappa answers, the proseucution and the state of maha will have to file an appeal before the high court challenging the acquittal

Deepak asked, Whys Afzul Guru not being hanged.... I know he has pleaded with president of India but why that application is taking so long to be processed..... Are they waiting for another Kandhar Hijack to release terrorist.... Why president cant take time out to procees Afzal application...

Vicky Nanjappa answers, the president of india does not need to listen to the parliament in the case of a mercy petition. it is just a formality to place it before parliament. the president can decide on her own

sam asked, what about kshab judgement?

Vicky Nanjappa answers, his verdict on sentencing should be out in the next two days. there will be an argument for sentence before that

jeev asked, Do we really hope that the Kasab Story will surely come to an end? Will our indian Governement and the oppostion agree to the convict and let the Indian Judicial Law to suceed.

Vicky Nanjappa answers, In this case, i can say with confidence that thre wont be political interference

vellampady asked, buy Vicky, can we not file a Public petition to the supreme court and to the President that Kasab's case should not be entertained in any other courts and the sentence should be uphelad simultaneously by all authorities and the execution b carried out within 15 days of the verdict... we will gather lakhs and lakhs of votes for this purpose.... what do you say..would such an exercise will be a success?

Vicky Nanjappa answers, I am afraid the supreme court does not have the right to decide on this sir. the parliament needs to amend the constitiution of india to change these provisions

Pravin asked, A case is filed on three persons. Two go scot free. Only one is convicted and that person's face is seen on CCTV. The whole world knows that Kasab is guilty. The Mumbai police and Ujjwal Nigam prove the obvious but the other two require detailed investigation go scotfree. What is wrong with Mumbai police and Ujjwal Nigam?

Vicky Nanjappa answers, overall a lot of policemen both in service and retired say that the 26-11 investigation was a very lazy one

laxman asked, Vicky, our politicians says we wanted show world India is fair country... do you think our politicians are fair, one of the most currupted one above they are supporting this sort of activity... in nutshell do you think CALL BACK option is out politics is required? 

Vicky Nanjappa answers, very much

champak asked, Whats the work of president in India sir? Just attend the Opening ceremony and giving awards? 

Vicky Nanjappa answers, apart from that she wil also have to decide on death sentences, appointment of judges and swearing in of governments

champak asked, Who is the president of India sir?

Vicky Nanjappa answers, Pratibha Patil

Aarya asked, Dear Vicky, I am constantly following your coverage on rediff on various issues. Seems to be biased. Is it because of your extreme love for the nation or hatred towards muslims.

Vicky Nanjappa answers, u decide aarya

Samar asked, Vicky, what do you think the prosecution handled this case well? 

Vicky Nanjappa answers, i would say just about ok. there was no need for a prosecution to convict kasab, it was a water tight case since day one. prosecution failed miserably where the other two were concerned, they should have focused more there

vellampady asked, what have we achieved at the end by arresting this guy and protecting him like a VVVIP for the past one year and spending crores and crores of rupees and human hours? at the end, maximum is a death sentence for only Kasab...we could not even get the other two people in to task for want of evidence.... it should have been better, had the police sprayed bullets on Kasab the same day of his arrest... we could have avoided all these legal mockery.. 

Vicky Nanjappa answers, i appreciate the sentiment, but having kasab in custody was the only way to prove the pakistan link, hence there was a need to extract a lot of information during interrogation and also during the trial

rahulkhot asked, Since this Kasab story is comming to end at our court, but there is scope of appealing at higher courts which will fruther deley the execution if its awarded to him.

Vicky Nanjappa answers, his hanging will take another 1 year. he will go to high court, then supreme court and then to the president of india

sanket asked, Its absolutely true that Kasab is a living example of the role of Lashkar in 26/11 mayhem. But still we did not get any conclusive evidence from Kasab. Why was he allowed to live then ? Shouldnt he have been executed much earlier to set an example to the other terrorists?

Vicky Nanjappa answers, a fair trial is part of our constitition and hence the indian courts had to go through the procedures. the courts would have done well to complete the trial in six months and send out a strong message, one and half years is extremely long

viny asked, Vicky Saab, please give feed back to my question: Do we require these much time to give final judgement? Faisla should be on the spot. if the court cannot do this lets handover to civilians ..they will do justice. You asked, when the final verdict will long this gets postponed?? 

Vicky Nanjappa answers, it was not needed. it actually took way too much time. i said earlier that the supreme court had said that it is the quality and not the quantity of evidence which should be taken into consideration. i dont know why they went on with all the witnesses 600 plus and wasted so much time when each one spoke the same old thing

LAAJOJEEMBBSDOCTOR asked, Dear Vicky sir. Is there any chance for him to join Indian politics?

Vicky Nanjappa answers, no no not at all

laxman asked, Hi, Tell me why we are wasting such huge amount on him, Is there any specific reason, are we showing world that India is fair country, will that affect on terrors. 

Vicky Nanjappa answers, Even i dont understand why we are trying to be fair and square with international terrorists


Vicky Nanjappa answers, kumar, the order will have to be confirmed by the High court, kasab can file an appeal there, the supreme court and then the president of india

tripti asked, Hi Vicky, after hanging where will he be buried?

Vicky Nanjappa answers, that depends tripti. if his family members claim his body, then he the body will have to be delivered to them or they will have to collect it, otherwise he will be burried in jail itself

vellampady asked, every time we hear about this Kasab, our blood boils and heart weeps for the people masacred.... at last, when the verdict comes, the Indian system allows for appeals in several courts... how long would we be draging with such constitutional rights and legal system... is it not prudent and high time to change the process/system itself.. 

Vicky Nanjappa answers, u r right, sometimes law is an ass and quite a drag for no rhyme or reason. originally framed for helping out persons who could be innocent, the laws today appeare to be benefitting the likes of kasab

aashishdada asked, tripti, as per international laws, indian govt is by no means bound to send him ti pak 

Vicky Nanjappa answers, no there is no rule to send him to pak. india does not have to bother about paks demand or any international pressure

LAAJOJEEMBBSDOCTOR asked, Dear vicky sir. Is it true that Kasab had chicken and Varun Gandhi had daal roti only ?

Vicky Nanjappa answers, from what i heard that is true

ssdas asked, Is there a chance that Kasab can be executed publicly, means like Saddam Hussain

Vicky Nanjappa answers, No sir, that would not happen. he will be hanged like any other prisoner

rest asked, Since this is a war, he should be be presented to Indian Army to do the rest...what he deserve.../....

Vicky Nanjappa answers, He defintely deserves more than a normal hanging, but handing over to the army will not happen brother

sanket asked, why did India take so long to finish this trial ? Are we still under immense pressure from other countries and trying to make up a good face in the global sense ? and why was Kasab been given A-1 treatment in prison ? baffles me

Vicky Nanjappa answers, Actually it was very funny to see the prosecution in this case. they examined 600 witnesses who ultimately said the same old thing. this caused the delay. the supreme court has clearly said the quantity of the witnesses is not important, it is the quality. even if they had examined 10 quality witnesses it would have been enough

vellampady asked, i agree... since the crime is conducted in Indian land, hopefully the Indian law would apply - however, so such henious crimes, witnessed by hundreds and thousands, to be treated as a war agains the nation and its innocent people and the first judgement itself should be upheld - atleast without again taking up for arguments by other courts... the upper courts can go by the submissions by the lawyers of both ends... would that not speed up the process and cut short the time for execution?

Vicky Nanjappa answers, The only thing that can be done at the moment is by the courts, they will need to treat this case as a special one and take it out of turn. the arguments will have to start from scratch although it wont be as tedious as the one in the sessions court

Vaibhav asked, Vicky, I have read your articles, do you accept you jumped the gun. I mean the cases of providing maps is a shame in itself. In such a meticulously planned operation like 26/11, the perpetrators might have got Israelite pictures from spy satellites or at the least from google earth. Do you feel sorry that you got it so wrong ?

Vicky Nanjappa answers, I dont feel sorry for anything, i just feel sorry that two persons who had a very strong link in both this case and the CrPF UP case got away due to lack lustre investigation

champak asked, Sir whats your take on Human rights activists protesting against hanging of kasab?

Vicky Nanjappa answers, Human rights will protest against anything and everything. Let them protest or do anything, it wont make any difference, Kasab will be hanged

Harishmenon asked, If the maps were planted, does that mean they were framed or does it mean that the cops tried too much to get them convicted and the court saw through it? 

Vicky Nanjappa answers, maps were initially found on Fahim. instead of tracing the trail of that map, they took the easier route of planting on the bodies of one of the gun men and linking the two, that was the biggest mistake

soumyendu asked, Why the public prsecutor took lightly on Fahim and Sabauddin? Is it really lack of solid evedence or there was more focus on Kasav and that's why it was neglected?

Vicky Nanjappa answers, actually the prosecution should have focused more on sabahuddin and fahim, the case against kasab would have been won without a prosecutor also, it was clear and water tight since day one

vellampady asked, hi Vicky.. hopefully the verdict would be a death sentence for Kasab...however, looking at the legal system in India, do you think that execution of such sentence would happen in the next 10 years even... would it not go to high court, supreme court and then for the President's mercy etc? why should we even entertain this case for a second level of hearing, given the seriousness and evidences in this matter? 

Vicky Nanjappa answers, u are right our legal process is a drag. indian law mandates that the verdict of the sessions court be confirmed by the high court. after that it is the legal right of the accused to move the supreme court and then the president. it is sad. my question is why should indian law apply to a pakistani

Harishmenon asked, Is it that the acquitted were really guilt-free or that the investigating agencies failed to present enough evidence against them?

Vicky Nanjappa answers, in the case of fahim and sabahuddin the investigating officers failed miserably, they were in a hurry to close the case. the maps were planted on the gun men according to the verdict of the court

followashish asked, what is this rubbish..even if he gets death will take ONE YEAR to hang procedings takes time they say !!

Vicky Nanjappa answers, unfortunately yes this is the Indian law

Addyboy asked, i feel that eventually he will appeal to the SC, and after that to the President.. the case will stay pending for years.. and then he will have a heart attack and the case will be closed!

Vicky Nanjappa answers, yes this case will take at least another year before he is finally hanged

manoj asked, Case of Kasab is crystal clear. All the Indians were watched live the things done by kasab on 26/11. Then what is the role of the witness in said case. 

Vicky Nanjappa answers, Indian jurisprudence mandates that certain procedures need to be followed and hence the examination of the witnesses

kkkk asked, why has the court let off the other 2??..........dont tell me there is no evidence!! ansari himself has accepted that those are his maps (yea although there was a 2nd part of it buh still!)

Vicky Nanjappa answers, Hi, the evidence at the start of the investigation was very strong, at least where sabahuddin was concerned, it was a shoddy job of the police which resulted in their acquittal
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