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Lashkar, Al Qaeda plan use of women plane bombers

March 25, 2010 18:05 IST

The British Intelligence Agency recently said the latest weapon of Al Qaeda is to use female suicide bombers with explosive breast implants, thus making it impossible to detect at security check-points.

While British agencies are finding it difficult to deal with this new technique, Indian agencies say that they are aware of the new technique. It was in fact started by the Jaish-e-Mohammad. However they had used this technique in men where bombs were planted inside the human body. This was quickly picked up the Lashkar-e-Tayiba.

Indian agencies say that it was the Lashkar which was first to start using women in its organisation.

The IB says that there is a difference, however, in the manner in which Lashkar and Al Qaeda use women for terror. While the Al Qaeda is clear that women would be used as bombers, the Lashkar uses them as foot soldiers and recruiters. However of late, the Lashkar, too, has been mooting various ideas to use women as suicide bombers. Finding a women suicide bomber is not a big deal for the outfits.

The Lashkar has also used women to circulate fake currency and as recruiters. The Lashkar has managed to convince outfits such as the SIMI and the Indian Mujahideen to follow suit. The SIMI, which opened up a wing called as the Shaheen Force to educate children, was soon converted into an all-woman force. The role given to the women was to recruit children into the outfit.

The IB says that in future, women will play a much bigger role in terror attacks.

The British Intelligence MI5 had stated that the Al Qaeda has a dedicated set of doctors to implant the explosives. They have been doing it with so much expertise that once the bomb is implanted it would be virtually impossible to detect.

Indian agencies say that detecting such a bomb will be extremely difficult unless there are sophisticated X-ray machines in place.

This new technique would not, however, be used in major explosions. It has been specifically made for airline bombings.

The quantity of the substance will be extremely low since it needs to be implanted in the body and also not be detected. Experts say that the explosion on an aircraft would be sufficient to damage the aircraft to such an extent that it would crash.

Vicky Nanjappa