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Actress Ranjita is a humble devotee: Nityananda

Last updated on: July 22, 2010 18:36 IST

Breaking his silence over actress Ranjita after her name was linked with him for alleged involvement in sleazy acts, self-styled godman Nityananda described her as a "sincere and a humble devotee" and said he was hurt by the pain caused to her and her family.

"When the scam broke out, I did not feel hurt for myself but I felt clearly hurt for all the pain and suffering caused to my devotees, especially Ranjita," Nityananda, who recently won his freedom to "preach", said in a YouTube broadcast.

"People who wanted to attack me, wanted to take revenge, they should have done it directly," said Nityananda, who spent more than 50 days in jail after charges of rape were filed against him following telecast of footage by a TV channel showing him in a compromising position with Ranjita.

"They could have done a thousand things. But they should not have ruined the life of my devotee," he said.

Referring to Ranjita, he said she was a sincere and humble devotee and he felt 'gravely hurt' for the suffering caused to her and her family. He said he had sent his prayers and blessing to the family members.

"She is such a wonderful devotee who has done so much voluntary work for the organisation," he said.

Text: PTI