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We don't want to be lectured by India, says Pak foreign secy

February 25, 2010 19:19 IST

Pakistan Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir who spoke to the media at the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi on Thursday after meeting his Indian counterpart Nirupama Rao said his country desired better ties with India but said Pakistan did not wants talks in which it is lectured to by India..

"Pakistan attaches great importance to cooperation in the south Asian region. Pak-India ties have been sliding down a slippery slope in the last few months. These talks provided an opportunity for both countries to take stock of bilateral ties," he said.

"Kashmir is the core issue which has bedeviled Indo-Pak ties. We attach great importance to seeking a peaceful resolution of the issue. Pakistan is also concerned about human rights violations in Kashmir," Bashir said.

Bashir also spoke about the Siachen glacier and Sir Creek being contentious issues, whose settlement would require political determination.

Reacting to Indian Foreign secretary Nirupama Rao's observations, Bashir said Pakistan had acted properly in the 26/11 probe, Bashir said it was unrealistc to make 26/11 the focus of Indo-Pak ties and stall talks.

"Pakistan has great respect for Manmohan Singh and his efforts to better ties among the two countries. Talks must take place in a atmosphere of sovereign equality and mutual respect. Pakistan and India have special responsibilities as nuclear states," Bashir said in New Delhi.

Bashir said the talks were an honest effort and was cautious in his demeanour.

The Indian involvement in Balochistan was repeatedly mentioned with Bashir pointing out that they had evidence of 'India's involvement in activities prejudicial to Pakistan's security.'

Bashir said the Indian dossier on Hafeez Saeed was "literature and not evidence which could be used in Pakistani courts.He said India was caught in a 26/11 time warp. Pakistan has suffered a 100 Mumbais and has enhanced its laws to tackle terror. Saeed does not represent the Pakistani state or its people or their views."

Bashir admitted that Pakistan must do more to get their efforts acrroo to the Indians. He said, "Pakistan does not believe in cosmetic dialogue. India cannot lecture Pakistan demanding action from us. Pakistan was not desperate for talks."

Bashir also said Pakistan would not let it's soil be used for activities against any country. A brief paper on the water issues had been given to the Indian delegation, he added.

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