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Pak army will remain 'India-centric': Kayani

February 04, 2010 13:46 IST
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The Pakistan army will remain an 'India-centric' institution till the water row between the two countries and the Kashmir dispute is resolved, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani told the Pakistan media on Thursday.

The Pakistan army chief openly stated that the defence force will always have certain concerns that are 'India-specific', according to a report by the Dawn.

"We plan on adversaries' capabilities, not intentions," the Dawn website quoted him as saying.

Kayani's comments came during a presentation on the army's offensives against the Taliban in Swat and South Waziristan. 

He defended his tough stance saying all the military and war preparations of India seemed to be 'Pakistan-specific' as well.

Kayani added that the Pakistan army could not afford to let its guard down against India given the history of unresolved issues between the two countries and the latter's military capability.

Kayani also warned against India's 'cold start' doctrine, which he termed as an 'aggressive strategy'. Under the doctrine, the Indian army will be able to launch an attack before even mobilising its troops, with a 'sudden spiral escalation', according to the Dawn.

The Pakistan army chief warned that it would take India two years for partial implementation and five years for full implementation of the doctrine.

Fearing India's 'cold start' doctrine, Pakistan army may consider lowering its nuclear threshold to counter strikes by India, the Dawn quoted analysts as saying.

Referring to the Mumbai terror attacks, which has stalled the Indo-Pak composite dialogue, General Kayani said, "Peace and stability in South Asia should not be made hostage to a single terrorist act of a non-state actor".

He added that India's refusal to talk to Pakistan would send the wrong signal to the terrorists, who would realise that their ploy to disrupt the peace process has been successful.

Kayani mentioned India even while speaking about the situation in Afghanistan, saying Pakistan was more capable of training the strife-torn country's police and army. India has reportedly also evinced an interest in training the Afghan police and army.

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