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S Africa: Indian Muslims come out in support of headscarf

September 07, 2009 09:31 IST

Hundreds of Indian Muslim women Johannesburg have come out in support of Muslim women's right to wear 'Hijab,' a traditional headgear, worldwide.

Over 500 women visitors pledged their support for an international campaign asserting Islamic tradition of wearing Hijab during a live broadcast by the Johannesburg-based radio service Channel Islam International (CII) in the mainly Indian area of Lenasia over the weekend.

Muslims across the world are protesting against a ban on 'Hijab' in France. The CII gave a free scarf to every woman who voiced her support to the campaign.

"Although we are fortunate to have strong constitutional support for the rights of Muslim women in South Africa to wear the Hijab, it is surprising that countries with supposedly far longer democracies are now denying this right to the extent that innocent Muslim women are now coming under attack," CII Director Ashraf Seedat told PTI.

CII has launched a vigorous campaign to promote theheadscarf, besides countering negative propaganda against Hijab.
Seedat said the spirit of 'World Hijab Day' was to counter the "Western propaganda" to link Hijab with backwardness, terrorism and the repression of women.

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