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900 girls go missing in Kerala

September 01, 2009 16:30 IST
The Kerala police is said to be probing the disappearance of about 900 women in the state.

State police offers are investigating the veracity of allegations that extremists lure young women away from their families and then force them to convert to another religion.

According to a confidential report by the Kerala police's intelligence wing, approximately 920 girls have gone missing in the last year.

The matter came to light when two MBA students from Pathanamthitta district in Kerala went missing and were later located at a religious centre in north Kerala. The women were said to be involved in relationships with senior students and planned to convert to another religion.

Police sources claimed the men belonged to a controversial organisation, which is constantly monitored by state intelligence agencies.

Many of the women who have gone missing in the last year hail from affluent families.

Arun Lakshman in Thiruvananthapuram