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Indian Army joins Chinese Army's celebrations

October 01, 2009 17:49 IST

More than 150 Indian Army officers along with their families today crossed the Line of Actual Control at Bum La in Tawang district in Arunachal Pradesh to join the Chinese Army in celebrating its 60th National Day.

A Border Personnel Meeting (BPM) was held on the occasion between officials of the two Armies in a friendly ambience that belied the recent tension between the two countries over age-old border disputes.

Sources said the Chinese Border troops located opposite the Kameng Sector in Arunachal Pradesh frontier invited their Indian counterparts to join them in their celebrations.

Border Personnel Meetings (BPMs) at Bum La play a pivotal role in enhancing the bonhomie between the two countries. It has been a vital platform for resolving local issues with a view to enhancing peace and tranquility in the sector.

The interactions between the Indian and Chinese Armies started initially with flag meeting and later transformed into BPM since 30 May 1999. Since then it has become a regular event in Kameng.

This year the event commenced with the Chinese delegation chief welcoming the Indian delegation leader Brigadier CP Mohanty.

This was followed by flag- hoisting ceremony by the Chinese. Chinese Army (People's Liberation Army) officers and families attended the 63rd Independence Day celebration of India at Bum La on 15 August this year.

K Anurag in Guwahati