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Respect policemen: Chidambaram

By Vicky Nanjappa and Krishnakumar P
Last updated on: November 26, 2009 19:41 IST
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Inaugurating a memorial for the martyrs of 26\11, Home Minister P Chidambaram on Thursday urged the country to respect policemen and security forces.

"From the jawan on the glaciers of Kargil to the jungles of Assam to the humble constable who walks his beat, they all want proper training, clothing, weapons, ammunition and strong-hearted leaders. Above all, he wants your respect. Policemen and security personnel come from the same society we live in and share the same strengths and feelings of each one of us," he said.

Looking back at 26/11, the home minister said a year ago the very idea of India as a secular, tolerant and democratic republic was under attack."

"In the premier city and the commercial capital of the country, two iconic buildings, a place where millions of aam aadmis use transport, another place where foreigners come for solace and prayer and a place where the young and the old come to spend a quaint evening, were attacked for maximum impact. It was a challenge we never faced before. The city rose as one man and the police rose as one force. 18 security officers laid down their lives to save Bombay and the very idea of India," he said.

Rs 92-crore grant: Mumbai police chief D Shivanandan said the government granted Rs 92 crore for the police force.

"I will use this amount to upgrade the force. We will have better technology and will upgrade the force from time to time.  Intelligence gathering will also be improved. Any attack that cannot be prevented, we will put up a fight and our best foot forward. I will ensure that no more such memorials will be required," he said.

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Vicky Nanjappa and Krishnakumar P in Mumbai