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Liberhan didn't spare even the Supreme Court

By A Correspondent
November 25, 2009 15:36 IST
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The Liberhan Commission in its probe did not even spare the Supreme Court for its 'short-sightedness' in preventing the demolition of the Babri Mosque.

In its report tabled in Parliament on Tuesday, retired Justice Liberhan has sought further probe by historians, journalists and jurists into innumerable matters that came to his attention, but he could not encapsulate them even in his long-drawn inquiry, 'given limited human capacities.'

He says he did not transgress judicial propriety by taking on some of the matters despite they bearing a significant bearing on the mosque demolition -- the subject matter of the probe.

"For instance, the intransigent stance of the High Court of Uttar Pradesh, the obdurate attitude of then Governor, the inexplicable irresponsibility of the Supreme Court's observer and the short-sightedness of the Supreme Court itself are fascinating and complex stories, the depth of which I must not plumb," the former judge had noted.

"Historians, journalists and jurists may -- and should -- explore these dimensions and tell these untold stories for the benefit of the current and unborn generations. But these cannot unfortunately be dwelt upon in the report, although I have neither suppressed nor minced words about these at the appropriate places and in appropriate contexts in my report," the former judge added.

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