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Cong-BJP conspiracy behind Liberhan report leak, says Mayawati

By Sharat Pradhan
November 25, 2009 17:08 IST
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Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati sees a Congress-Bharatiya Janata Party conspiracy behind what she termed as a "systematic leakage" of the Liberhan Commission report.

"It was this very Congress-BJP secret nexus that led to the demolition of the Babri Masjid in 1992 and they were once again active to play their respective politics in the name of the Ayodhya issue," Mayawati told a press conference in
Lucknow on Wednesday.

She described the demolition of the mosque as the "most unfortunate incident in recent history, that took the lives of hundreds of people across the country."

Mayawati said, "it was amply evident that the Congress and BJP have been taking political mileage out of the Ayodhya issue; after all who does not know that both went in when the gates of the Ayodhya shrine were unlocked and the shilaniyas (foundation stone) of the proposed temple was carried out under the patronage of the Congress in the eighties."

The UP CM sought to point out, "even when the Babri Masjid was pulled down with a BJP government sitting in Lucknow, it was the Congress ruling in New Delhi; what happened on December 6, 1992 could have never happened without the active connivance of the central government."

While blaming it all on BJP and Congress, Mayawati also did not spare the Samajwadi Party. "What SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav did was even worse because it was he who provoked people on both sides with his speeches", she said, while blaming SP for forging a communal divide.

She also did not mince words in condemning the Liberhan commission for taking 17 long years to submit its report. "I do not see any reason why the commission should have taken so long to submit its report and I also have reason to see a design to shield the Congress", Mayawati pointed out.

While accusing both Congress and the BJP for "never being serious in resolving the issue", she sought to add, "the Congress played a dubious role even in the Mumbai riots that followed the Ayodhya mosque demolition; it was a Congress government that dumped the Srikrishna Commission report that had indicted many for the Mumbai riots."

Mayawati said, "I would not rule out the same fate for Liberhan Commission report." The chief minister has also directed the state principal home secretary and the director general of police to personally visit all communally sensitive places across the state and keep the security forces in readiness to overcome any communal trouble that might arise on account of the publication of the Liberhan report. "Anyone inciting any communal trouble would be dealt with most severely," she stressed.
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Sharat Pradhan in Lucknow